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Mini Reviews – Nikki Sloane, Carmen Jenner and Ginger Scott


Finally I’m back to reviewing… sort of… I have taken a little time off because I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind I guess… I couldn’t put together a coherent review, it was either an I love it, I love it, I love it situation with nothing to really back it up or just Meh!! (mostly on the Meh! side I’m sad to say) But I finally think I have it together enough for a set of Mini Reviews.. Let’s get started:

45029271._SX98_Titles: The Innitiation and The Obsession46005698._SX98_

Author: Nikki Sloane

Dark Contemporary Romance



My Review

This is a two for one deal because in my opinion this trilogy should be read back to back… sadly I didn’t know that the third and final book comes out in November so, I have to wait (patiently biting my nails) for its release..

Noone is what they seem in these books… it’s a world of privilege and all the vices that come with having more money and power than you know what to do with… Our main character Marist needs to accept a bargain with the devil in order to save her family from total ruin.. so she has to marry Royce and become part of the Hale Family and this is where things get crazy… Royce and Marist have an amazing chemistry between them… and I love the duality of every character in these books (like I said noone is what they seem) they are not entirely evil or entirely good… not even our little Marist who does what needs to be done even if it’s screwed up… and let me tell you it gets that way… and you might not see it coming… I don’t want to give too much away of the story because it will ruin it… but if you enjoy morally grey characters having to deal with intense and screwed up situations that would push anyone’s limits… this series is for you..


46351246._SX98_Title: Styx and Stones

Author: Carmen Jenner

Mature Young Adult Romance



My Review

Once you start this book you know things are going to get emotional… both of our main characters have cancer and it’s about them meeting becoming friends and something more… while dealing with the difficult situation of being terminally ill… Som yeah, a rollercoaster ride of emotions for sure… I don’t usually read books like this because I hate feeling manipulated into sadness (it’s an issue of mine with books about terminal illness) but Carmen Jenner didn’t make me feel that… I love Styx and Alaska… both their personalities and how they dealt with the shitty hand fate gave them… trying to be optimistic even when it was almost impossible… And their friendship, their banter and their romance was so heartbreakingly sweet… My downside was actually the ending and I get why it was done that way (a positive note and all) but it felt too much like fanservice..


42832402._SX98_Title: Drummer Girl

Author: Ginger Scott

Young Adult Romance


My Review

If there’s one thing to be said about this book is how well it intertwines such a heavy topic like Mental illness with music and young love… However as much as I enjoyed that part of the story… how we get to see tiny snippets of what it is to live with someone with depression and bipolar disorder… the over the top mood swings and the borderline obsessive feelings… I just couldn’t connect with the characters.. I like Jesse a little but I didn’t like Arizona.. and that’s bad because it’s their story and I’m living it through their eyes… And I know that this book will appeal to many others out there because it’s not a bad book at all… like I said it deals with heavy topics very well but I just didn’t click with it..

Let me know in the comments if you guys have read any of the books I mentioned here and what your thoughts were about them..

As Always

Happy reading


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