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#TropeAthon Round 2 Announcement and Recommendations

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TropeAthon is back guys for round 2 Misty (Misty’s Book Space) and I had a lot of fun putting together this readathon the first time and it was our goal to make it a recurrent theme… So, here we are again with new prompts fit for this awesome time of year…

We still have our #Tropeathon (Twitter and Instagram) ready for any comments, TBRs, suggestions, recommendations you want to give us and for all the updates and details we also have our Twitter account @tropeathon  as well as our personal accounts @cbookrambling and @mistymichelle30

But let’s get to the Prompts and the official date: Tropeathon will be going on from October 21st through the 27th (a week long of reading).. And this round tropes and prompts are:

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Since a picture speaks louder than wods sometimes I’m giving my Recommendations for each promt as well as explaining what they are about…

Creepy Atmosphere

Any book with an air of mystery, spookiness, evil feel in its surroundings… It can be a Thriller, a Horror, or even a Dark Romance…

My suggestions are:

  • The House By Christina Lauren 


  • House of salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig


Night Time Reading

Just pick any of the books on your TBR and read it only at night through the week..

Missing Person

Pick a book where a character (any character) goes missing or suddenly disappears… Once again it could be a thriller, a horror, or even a romantic suspense.. you chose.

My Suggestions:

  • Sadie by Courtney Summers


  • The Last tima I Lied by Riley Sager


Initials in the Title

Just pick a book with your initials anywhere in the Title…

Second Chance

Pick a second chance romance or just a second chance at life story in case romance isn’t your cup of tea..

My Suggestions:

  • Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen


  • Ghosted by J. M. Darhower


Fated Mates 

This is a common trope in Paranormal romances … that couple who is destined to be together… made for each other kind of thing.

My Suggestions:

  • Any Immortals after Dark book by Kresley Cole


Halloween Colors (Purple, Orange, and Green)

Just pick a book with one or if you want to go crazy all three of the colors that represent Halloween on the cover..

Magically Inclined

Just pick a Book that has magic in it… any kind of magic works

My Suggestions:

  • The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews


And that’s it, hope you guys join me and Misty for this second round of TropeAthon and I’m looking forward to seeing your TBR lists… mine will be going up soon.. Let’s get ready..

As Always

Happy Reading


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