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September 2019 Reading Wrap Up

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Hello guys! I can’t believe we are already in October, at least we will be by the time this post is up (a shy two days away)… Just three months away from 2020… time sure as hell flies and we hardly notice — maybe we don’t want to right?. But we are not here for that, we are here to tak about books… I’m officially out of my reading slump (Happy Dance!!), I have been reading a lot more than I did in August that’s for sure… and yet I still feel a little down and with the weirdest reading mood ever, Anyway, let’s cut the rambling short and get to the heart of the matter.. shall we?

I chose to go with the moody flow this past September and forego a TBR, I did have a plan when it came to my Challenges (particularly Romanceopoly) which I’m failing miserably because I just read one book from that list but I still have 3 months to catch up…

As for the rest of the challenges …I’m metaphorically throwing the towel… I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch up or even finish any of them…

As for the books that I actually read, it was a weird selection of books.. but a very successful one… even if I came across a few that weren’t so great I read several that are now new favorites…

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  • Good Girls by Max Henry – 3 Stars — Not much to say about this one, it’s another bully like book but it was interesting enough for me to continue with the second book…
  • Bad Boys by Max Henry – 3 Stars — I must say that at this point I’m more intrigued with all the family drama that’s going on in these books than anything else… but I’ll probably read the last one..
  • Cruel Prince by A. Jade – 3 Stars — One good thing I have to say about this book it’s that it made me sympathyze with the asshole main character… even when he was being that.. an asshole… Not an easy thing to do.
  • Lost Boys by Eva Ashwood – 2.5 Stars — I already forgot what happen on this one.. other than bully stuff.. that should tell you something..
  • Absolution by Keri Lake – 4 Stars — There’s something about forbidden relationships that just works for me and what a rush of hotness this book gives us… A priest, a woman in trouble, a Cartel… you do the math.
  • Drummer Girl by Ginger Scott – 3 Stars — I wanted to like this book so much more because it has a topic that it’s a sensitive one for me (Mental illness) But I just didn’t connect with the characters at all.. and their story lost its shine for me..
  • The Innitiation by Nikki Sloane – 4 Stars
  • The Obsession by Nikki Sloane – 4 Stars

Loved both of these books, it was like watching a soap opera.. with all the manipulations and scheming and family obsessions… can’t wait for the last book..

  • Styx and Stones by Carmen Jenner – 3.5 Stars –– This was a sweet and heart breaking tale, I love how funny the characters were dispite the odds they had… and the beautiful friendship they developed… Hardships make you appreciate the people and things you normally take for granted..
  • Little White Lies by Sapphire Knight – 3 Stars
  • Ugly Dark Truth by Sapphire Knight – 2.5 Stars

Huge let down.. except maybe for the sex…

  • The Blacksmith Queen by G. A. Aiken – 4.5 Stars — I freaking love this book and I’m so mad that I have to wait for the next book … what do I do with myself now? It’s hilarious and adorable and maddening… just what I need it.
  • The Guy on the Right By Kate Stewart – 4.5 Stars — This is the best friends to lovers book I have read in a while… no complains except for a little nitpicking of mine..
  • Grip By Kennedy Ryan – 4 Stars — How hadn’t I read this book already? What the heck is wrong with me?
  • Coffee and Vanilla (Manga) by  Takara Akegami – 4 Stars — It’s a typical shoujo manga so don’t expect a mind blowing story line but the characters are endearing..
  • Broken Knight by L. J. Shen – 3.5 Stars — This has a great start, decent middle but at some point it lost me… I think it has to do with me not having read the previous books? I don’t know..
  • Silent Lucidity by Tiffany Roberts – 3 Stars — It had a rocky start for me but maybe it was because I was expecting something else… but it got better and I enjoyed the alien ride..

An overall of 17 books this month, which is not bad considering that I wasn’t in the keenest of reading moods… just a tentative one… my one complain is that I had a rocky start with books that were meh!… But I did found some great ones that I could not believe I hadn’t read until now…

How was your September reading? Let me know in the comments if you have read any of the same books I have and what were your thoughts about them…

As Always

Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “September 2019 Reading Wrap Up

  1. I’m always a mood reader and unless I have a book promised for review, I delight in picking my next book to read. September was awesome for me–I read The Fountains of Silence and then got to meet the author earlier this month.

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