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#Tropeathon Wrap Up and Mini Reviews — Better late than Never

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This past October was our second round of Tropeathon .. for those who don’t know Tropeathon is a week long readathon that Misty from Misty’s Book Space and I host every few months and it’s basically about various tropes and some other fun activities… To say that this round was a bumpy ride is an understatement… I had everything that could go wrong… go wrong, I was working like crazy when I was supposedly on free time, I had no internet because there was a network failure, and I got sick… just a mild cold but still…So.. this wrap up and mini reviews thing is coming to you guys a lot later than I had hope and I’m sorry but let’s just move on to the good stuff…

I do have to say that I powered through, or at least reading provided me with the outlet I needed for this craziness… I had a TBR of 15 books (which is crazy, I know, but I do it for the sake of choice in case one book doesn’t work for me) Of course I didn’t read all that… but I managed a solid 6 books for this round and I’m quite happy because most were 4 Stars…
Let me cut the rambling short and start on my thoughts on each book:

  • Lock Every Door by Riley Sager


I’m not an avid Thriller fan but I do like to enjoy a few from time to time, this one in particular started very strong… I appreciated the spooky atmosphere and the setting and backstory of the building, which made feel like a character all on its own… And even though I was just from the get go screaming at the main character (if something sounds too good to be true it usually is) I could understand and relate to some extent to her plight and why she wanted to get in to that deal…
However, as the book progress it lost a little steam for me, up until the big reveal that I did not guess so kudos for that… I truly had no clue… overall I liked it a lot it was the perfect Halloween read for someone that wants some mystery but doesn’t want to be too freaked out…

  • The Fire Lord’s Lover by Kathryne Kennedy


This book has been literally (virtually actually) sitting on my shelf since 2013 – and I regret not reading it sooner – I love Fantasy Romance, and this is exactly that… we have elves that are evil, dragons, and very conflicted half human hero and heroine that start their relationship both with hidden agendas… until they get to know each other and realize that they could be more, allies, friends and lovers… I liked the story, and I’m eager to continue on this world but the one thing that I complain about it’s that for me the relationship needed a little more development in terms of establishing a connection between the characters that went beyond sexual chemistry and empathy…

  • Up in the Treehouse by K. K. Allen


I like my angsty books, I confess… but there’s a limit to the angst I can tolerate… most times… I don’t think that what bother me from this particular book was all the overly dramatic happenings per se but the lack of communication… it pissed me the hell off… This was my reading progress through this book… I would get invested in the story and bam! Someone decides to do something without telling the other person because they didn’t want to hurt them, or it hurt themselves too bad… it was a constant all through the story and I don’t like that… If a conflict can be resolved or at least worked at with a conversation and it’s not, it feels frustrating…

  • Nocturnes and Nightmares by Keri Lake


Another Thrillery kind of book with the touch of steaminess and taboo that we can expect from Keri lake’s books… I was intrigued and I actually still am… because I want to know who the freaking killer is… I have my suspicions, though… So I guess in that respect the book work for me but I didn’t feel like it needed to be a duet and that was a let down…

  • War of Hearts by S. Young


One thing I love is having strong characters in a story… and this book had them in spades… I love the banter between them, how they go from enemies to reluctant allies to more… step by step… that’s something that I appreciate a lot the building of a relationship. The humor was phenomenal. I was laughing out loud on the bits where he was put out because she was stronger than him and faster.. and that made him feel emasculated… I’m looking forward to reading more about this world… it was the perfect Paranormal Romance with a hint of Urban Fantasy

  • Steel and Silk by Arianna Nash


I deviated from my TBR with this book, and I’m glad I did, I found this book by accident almost and when I read the premise MM Fantasy Romance with Elves, Dragons and Epic Battles I was so into it… This book packs a punch. It is an enemies to lovers romance of the slow burn kind… Even if we see the attraction early on… the relationship is developed through this and two other books (which I devoured back to back) It’s not easy, there’s abuse, physical and mental, torture, like I said it packs a punch because it’s also about resilience, about accepting one another, and yourself… there’s so much to extrapolate from this story… it’s a very good one..

These were my reads for Tropeathon Round 2… if you have read any of these let me know your thoughts in the comments below… and I hope you join us soon for our third round of the readathon which hopefully won’t be as bumpy..

As Always

Happy Reading


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