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November 2019 Reading Wrap Up –When everything went to hell..

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Hey Guys, I apologize from the start because I know this post will be all over the place… How do I know? Because my life has literally gone to hell (I’m being overly dramatic — because I’m healthy at least — but we need to self indulged once in a while) You probably know by know (if you are one of my usual readers) that I’m in technological hell — all of my equipment has decided to fail at the same time (which has affected my work, my blogging and you wouldn’t believe how many other things  hence the went to hell comment)… and I’m unable to fix them at the moment … if you want to afford me some help click here to find out how…

Anyway, since I don’t want to be a whiner and I’m always trying to look for the upside of things… I guess in spite it all… I have managed (and I can’t tell you how) to read a decent amount of books … 18 actually… So let’s focus on that and forget my sucky reality for a bit…


I did it… I finished the whole board… It took me a while but It feels good to say that it is done… I finished the last 3 books on the week of the Romanceopolyathon that was hosted at the begining of the month… and Yay!!!

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  • The Something about her – Rachel Higginson – 3.5 Stars

I love this series all together, and don’t even get me started on the food…

  • The Unsuitable Bride – Jane Feather – 2 stars

This book was such a disappointment, I was bored through the whole story which was pretty sad because I love Jane feather’s writing… but not with this one.

  • The Duchess Deal – Tessa Dare – 3.5 Stars

I like it, I like the current vibe set in a historical novel…

Random Reads

As for the rest I just read pretty much what I could and had at hand… including a few new releases thanks to a few friends whom I love….

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  • Requiem and Reverie – Keri lake – 3 Stars

I just wanted to know what happen, after reading the first book in the Duology and I enjoyed it but I wanted a little more intrigue..

  • Crowd of Lies – Lisa Helen Gray – 2 stars

Why do I keep doing this to myself?? I like the bully trope but there are so many bad ones out there…

  • The Lady of the Storm and The Lord of Illusion – Kathryne Kennedy – 3 and 3.5 Stars

I was smitten with this series and I wanted more fantasy to read so I binged the whole thing… and it was really good even if it is an oldie…

  • The Bridge Kingdom – Danielle L. Jensen – 4.5 Stars

I loved this book and now cannot wait for the next one to come out… the romance, the action, the intrigue…great read.

  • The Deception – Nikki Sloane – 3.5 Stars

I’m a sucker for this series, it’s twisted and awful but I love it.

  • The Hardest Fall – Ella Maise – 4.5 Stars

Ella Maise is my new slow burn queen right along with Mariana Zapata and her characters are so fleshed out and real… love them to pieces.

  • Hated you Then and Love you Now – M. Robinson – 3 Stars

You know when you get sucked in to reading something and you don’t know why but can’t put it down… this happen to me with these books… they are not great at all, but they are addicting.

  • Sick Fux – Tillie Cole – 4 Stars

This is the most twisted Alice in Wonderland inspired book I’ve read and I love every second of it..

  • Never Fall in love with a Rockstar – Rachel higginson – 3 stars

This was a weird book for me, because I can’t say that it is a bad book.. it actually deals with addiction and how it affects everyone around you, and how to move on, and forgive… but I just couldn’t connect with it…

  • Broken Legacy – Tate James – 3 stars

Two words Guilty Pleasure…

  • Half Truths – Claire Contreras – 3.5 Stars

I really liked the mystery sorrounding the secret societies and how it all develops but it was a little slow…

  • The Queen of Nothing – Holly Black – 4 Stars

Loved it… won’t say more..

  • Halo – Brooke Blaine – 3 Stars

Another Guilty Pleasure..

I guess I shouldn’t complain, and I don’t it’s been a good month reading wise … as for the rest I’ll try to work it out.. nothing else to do but give it my best shot… Hope you guys forgive the slightly whinny tone of this wrap up and let me now in the comments below if you have read any of these books and what did you think about them….

As Always

Happy Reading



3 thoughts on “November 2019 Reading Wrap Up –When everything went to hell..

  1. Hi Chelle! So sorry your life is hard right now… I’d love to help, could you check the link you mentioned? At least it’s not working here.

    I’m SO looking forward to Queen of Nothing! 18 books is really impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

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