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The Good Guys Book List (Top Five)

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It’s quite common for romance lovers to have a weak spot for the bad boy, and the hate to love stories — we live for the drama — but sometimes we forget those characters that aren’t as complicated (because let’s face it.. a bad boy is a lot of work even in fiction)

I’m talking about the underrated good guys, the family men, the sweetness incarnate, you know, all the goodness that we wish we could take out from the pages and directly into our lives — or maybe that’s just me??

Anyway, let’s back away slowly from the creepy comment and get to my top 5 good guys… and believe me that narrowing this list down wasn’t easy but that’s nothing new for a bookworm right?

  • The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart


Theodore Houseman, or Theo as he would love to be called but it’s more like Teddie because that is what he is… an adorable Teddy bear… This guy is funny, loyal, supportive, he is unbelievably perfect… And his love story is just as good as he is… if you haven’t met him yet.. What are you waiting for?

  • The Bride Test by Helen Hoang


Khai Diep, he is a little more complicated than the average good guy, but once you understand him… you’ll get the most direct guy ever… no room for error here… and also one who loves deeply even if he doesn’t realize it himself..

  • Marriage for One by Ella Maise


Jack Hawthorne may come across as the typical jerk but don’t be fool it’s all just a facade… we have a guy who would go to extreme lenghts to support the ones he loves… even if he seems reluctant, we just need to be a little ptient with him..

  • The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott


Beckett Copeland, my sweet and misunderstood Beckett… he has a bad past, but he has grown because of it… and that’s one of the reasons that make him one of the good guys on my list… he made mistakes and he’s learning how to live with them the best way he can… but even so, he doesn’t shy away from helping a complete stranger… he has the most sympathetic soul.. I just adore him.

  • Be My Hero by Linda Kage


Patrick Ryan, or Pick… OMG! if you want someone who is going to step up when is needed no matter what… it’s this guy… he is beautiful inside and out because we get the best of both worlds a heart of gold with the looks of a tattoed bad ass.. what more can we ask for?

Hope you guys enjoyed my first good guys list and let me know in the comments how you feel about these men? Or if you want any other topic for me to share… I’m happy to oblige..

As Always

Happy Reading


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