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What Makes YOU (AKA me) “ship” a Couple?

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Hey guys, how has the month of Love been treating you? If you are like me a hopeless single girl with lots of fictional relationships (that even sound a little creepy to me but I’m going with it anyway) you’ll join me in this fun and rambling discussion quite apropos with this month theme…


What make us “ship” a couple? When we are talking about movies and TV shows I think that “spark” that hint that this or that would be a great love story is easier because we see the chemistry between the actors and that is a huge help (or hint) as to what is to come… case in point how badly a couple suck when there’s no chemistry between them — it can literally bring down a show —

But when it comes to books (at least for me) it’s a little harder, because that chemistry must be felt through the page… and I’m quite particular about that… I have to say being the huge romance reader that I am… I need to feel that connection between the characters, something that goes beyond — “He/She is so incredible hot that you can boil an egg on his/her body — If that’s the only focus there is I just get bored and I couldn’t care less about that couple…

On the other hand, if all they have is conflict… meh! I love the good push and pull of a forbidden romance, and I love some angst but there’s a fine balance that has to be met otherwise it’s just too much melodrama and even if I enjoy it from time to time it’s not that memorable..


My third and last point would be the insta love attraction (or the wham bam I love You) I hate this, even if I understand why it happens in some books but I don’t get the chance to feel anything about that couple let alone ship them…

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You could say that I’m not really saying what makes me ship a couple in a book, more like what doesn’t but I guess it kind of works anyway wouldn’t you say? Actually I find that I need a spark between the characters that it’s hard to explain — some of my favorite authors have that touch… like Penelope Douglas with her hate to love stories… those have some of the best off the pages sexual tension and chemistry I have read — or like a recent favorite new author of mine Ella Maise… who works on the couple’s relationship and interactions so masterfully.. their banter and gestures… it just makes you love them separately and together…

How about you guys? What makes you give a huge Yes! to a bookish couple? Let em know your thoughts in the comments below

As Always

Happy Reading


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