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Brainstorm of Projects – Check out what’s new

Hello Fellow Bookworms, hope you are staying as safe as possible in these weird times. I have an unusual post for you guys today… As some of you might know my mom has been really ill these past year, and with everything that’s been going on with the world her care has been really difficult. But we have to keep a positive thinking and get creative in dealing with these curve balls that life throw at us, so, in addition to my traditional freelance work (I’m a Translator by trade) I came up with a couple of other things to help me and my mom out. 

Here’s my brainstorm of ideas…

A custom made TBR service

This is how this works, It’s a little like the one Book Riot offers but a little more low key. I offer a monthly TBR custom-made to your taste. You are the one that picks the theme, genre, or weird trope you want to find in your book, and I’ll find the right fit for you. It goes from 5 to however many books you wish, and it can be anything from trasnlated works, foreign language books, fiction, non-fiction, comics manga.. the sky is the limit.

It works great if you are looking for options to gift someone, or even if you wnat to spice up your own TBR with a different perspective. You can try it out for just a one time deal or do a monthly subscription, you decide. 

The rates go from 10$ up depending on how many books you want on the list and the time frame…

If you are interested just send me an E-mail to or contact me through any of my Social Media.

Header Designs and Content Creator

I have always enjoyed creating fun titles and headers for my blog (as you see on every post) and on my Social Media, so, why not use that and offer some of the work for any of you guys that don’t have the time or the skill to make them.. 

You can see my portafolio of sorts here on the blog and also on my Twitter account @cbookrambling. I have headers for Twitter, facebook, You Tube even some templates for Instagram Stories. I also have fun Templates for those bookworms like myself who enjoy keeping a record of everything the read… a digital bullet journal of sorts.

I also offer content for those occasions when you can’t have your blog on the up and up.. and you don’t want to go on a long hiatus — You would chose the theme and lenght and I’ll create the however many posts you need.

As for the headers templates and photo editing the rates are from $5 up. And the written content goes from $8 up depending on the bulk of the work.

If you are interested just send me an E-mail to or contact me through any of my Social Media.

In case you would like to help support my work you can also do it through my  Ko-fi page or help me spread the wordon my little projects… Thanks for being an awesome community and bearing with the ups and downs of this little bookworm.

As Always

Happy Reading

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