Getting Over a Series Finale

Hey there fellow bookworms! I wanted to discuss — cough, rant, cough — today, something that’s been happening to me a lot.. well, it was happening before the world went to hell in handbasket but you know what I mean. I’m talking about my inability to deal with Series Finales..

That’s right, I crave them like my life depended on them (slight exageration and over the top dramatic) but once I get them I just can’t seem to finish the books… I just don’t want them to end..

And when I do manage to finish all the books, I just get so sad.. talk about a book hangover.. It’s ridiculous.

My current dilemma, or more apropos, the book series that made me sit up and take notice of this finale syndrome that is currently ailing me; it’s the Devil’s Night series by Penelope Douglas (which by the way if you haven’t read it yet and you love dark romances like I do… what the heck are you doing with your life?)

I love this books, I have reviews on two of the books Killswitch and Hideaway and they are starring on many, many of my recommendation posts… So, any normal human being would have been excited to get her hands on the final installment of the Series; Nightfall. And I was, I absolutely was up the wall with joy, (again over dramatic) but the book has been in my hands since July and I’m still 18% in… Yep, just 18% of the book has been read.

I could argue and justify myself that life has been awful.. which would be true… Or I truly wasn’t in the mood for reading .. which is also true… or I couldn’t find the time to sit down and read.. true as well …But to be honest in a little corner of my heart I just didn’t want the series to end… I did, but I didn’t, I’m sure you guys understand this contradiction very well.

I know that Penelope Douglas does amazing links to new possible series, that would be set in the same world and I know her writing will wow me as usual, but I just don’t want to say goodbye to these characters — damaged group of people that they are.

So, guys if you came into this post thinking that I would give you some tips on how get over this finale slump… I’m sorry for unintentionally misleading you but it is me who needs your help… how do you get over a series finale? How do you gather the courage to actually finish reading that series?

If you have any advice to help out this weird fellow bookworm let me know in the comments below.. And If you enjoy my content and would like to help me create more rambling ideas, you can go to my Ko-fi page and buy me a coffee to show your support. It would be very much appreciated.

As Always

Happy Reading

One thought on “Getting Over a Series Finale

  1. Ok first I have only read Corrupt and loved it so much but I haven’t continued with the series yet but I definitely want to. As for helping with your problem I’m not the person to ask considering I have I’ve 60 series ongoing. I don’t know why it’s so hard to continue and finish with series that I start.


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