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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Violet Moon and Rachel Hailey

Hello bookworms, how’s life treating you? I’m trying to be better when it comes to reviewing books… most of the reviews I post on the blogs are books that I chose to read… but I do get  ARCs and some requests so I thought it would be good to keep them appart.

To make a highlight of those and help promote them better, so here we are with two of those books. one was a request and the other an ARC that I got from

55250857Book: Mesmerized

Author: Violet Moon

RD: 2020

Paranormal Romance, Vampires

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

I’m a sucker for Vampire books, and If there’s a good romance story in it even better. So, when I was asked to review this book I was happy to do it. It’s a heartfelt story, Their relationship, their choices, their struggles are very believable and relatable (but you do have to put yourself in their shoes) I liked Violet’s take on vampirism.. It was very interesting and her characters were great.. Particularly Our heroine Who is sassy, strong, independent… There’s also good chemistry between them and The perfect amount of steam… I’ll be checking out her other work For sure..
Give yourself a treat and If you want an entertaining vampire romance Check this one out

53184706._sy475_Book: Sleeping With Shadows

Author: Rachel Hailey

RD: September 22, 2020

Paranormal romance

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 46 p.m.

I received an ARc of this book thanks to Book Sirens and its author.
I love Paranormal Romances, and this book ticked every box to make it a new favorite of mine..

  • Intriguing World – Check
  • Different races and creatures – Check
  • Great banter between characters – Check
  • Steamy chemistry – Check
  • Lots of action – Check

However the execution of the overall story wasn’t so great, I was left wondering about many of the different creatures that poppped up only to disappear without reason. There’s was little explanation about our main character’s powers or weaknesses or anything really..
I needed a bit more worldbuilding and backstory. It felt almost like an afterthought.
The pacing was okay but I got confused at times, I did loved the humorous banter between many of the characters, it was truly funny and real.. even when they were threatening each other. And there was so much action that it will keep you entertained.
It was an okay read for me but there was certain room for improvement in the details.

Hope my review picked your interest and you give these authors a try just click on the photo and visit their page, if you would like me to review your work just check out my Review Policy or find me on the Book Bloggers list or in Book Sirens. And If you enjoy my content and would like to help me create more rambling ideas you can go to my Ko-fi page and buy me a coffee to show your support. It would be very much appreciated.

As Always

Happy Reading


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