TBRS and Wrap Ups

Books I read This Week and What’s been happening

Hey fellow book bloggers, how’s the pandemic treating you? This week hasn’t been great for me at all.. there have been some personal issues that have taken my drive to read.. I’m just a little sad and a lot stressed out.

Some of you may know that my Mom has been ill for most of the past year and it’s been rough. I’m her sole caretaker and it’s not only difficult money wise but also very emotionally draining. Reading, Blogging and of course working helps a bit but sometimes everything just hits you at once and you can’t help but feel sad. 

I just wanted to be honest with you guys, and let you know the reason why the blog may seem different at times, or the mood isn’t as light and fun as usual… I do try to stay positive so there’s that.. Plus my health isn’t great either but I’m working on it —

Okay.. Sad moment aside.. let’s get to the reason you click on this post (I hope you do.. LOL) Like I mentioned earlier I haven’t been on a great reading mood but I still managed to tackle 2 books, and funny enough I’m still on my New Adult/Bully/College fase..

Foto 21-9-20 12 56 23 p.m.

My Darling Arrow By Saffron A. Kent

This book guys, it is a true Saffron Kent book. Her style is ever present here, her prose, that’s something that I usually enjoy (it’s a bit flowery and repetitive) annoyed the heck out of me this time around.. I did like the Drama and the steaminess of this book but it drove so mad sometimes… I literally wanted to bang my head agaisnt a wall… Very healthy reading wouldn’t you say?


The Wreckage of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry

I’m not going to talk much about this book other than to say I loved it.. It was emotional and hopeful and everything I needed.. minus a few bumps in the road..

These wer the books I read, if you would like me to talk more about them in a longer review (which I’m going to do with the one from Brittainy C. Cherry anyway) let me know in the comments below.. or if you have already read them and want to talk about them just do it there too.. I love a good discussion.

If you enjoy my content and would like to help me keep on creating or just plain help me with the mess I call life you can buy me a coffee through my Ko-fi page to show your support. It would be very much appreciated. Stay Safe out there.

As Always

Happy Reading


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