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Books that need More Love – The underdogs 2020

Funny story, I didn’t remember writing another post like this one a while back so i just added the 2020 up there to make it fresh and new — kidding there’s plenty of new books we need to talk about more and share with everyone that wants to listen.. and even with those who don’t..

In case you wanted to check out my old post just click here and if you don’t just stick around and check out my list of underdogs ( at least according to me )

The Bridge Kingdom Series by Danielle L. Jensen

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This series sparked this whole post, I know that Danielle L. Jensen is a well known author from her Malediction trilogy but this particular series in my humble opinion is so much better… and I don’t see people talking about it so much, so I’m taking action…DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS BOOKS if you are a fan of a good fantasy romance, full of good characters and lots of adventure..

Subscriber Wars by Kristy Marie


This author was a recent find of mine and I’m seriously loving everything she writes, there’s so much quirky humour and relatabality in her characters.. I just can’t get enough… and it’s steamy as heck too.


The Forbidden Forest Trilogy by Amber Argyle

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When it comes to retellings I’m always looking for something unique and not overly done and this series was it.. it begins as a Pied Piper retelling but it becomes so much more, it’s dark at times, full of adventure and romance.. Plus the latest book comes out soon..

The Scarred Earth Saga by G. A. Aiken

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Another well know author from a while back with her Dragon Kin Series but this is her newest work and I think it’s amazing (otherwise it wouln’t be here) THis is for those who love Epic Fantasy with strong female characters, slow burn romance and witty banter.. and her latest book is coming out soon too..

I have a few other books that are a bit on the underdog side of bookish fame but they will be featured in another post..

What do you think about my choices? Have you read or seen any of these books around the Blogosphere? Let me know all about it in the comments.. and if you want to help me keep on creating and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts just buy me a coffee (Ko-fi page) and support my work.

As Always

Happy Reading




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