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Worst books of 2020 – According to Chelle (AKA me)

Hey fellow Bookworms, how’s 2021 been so far? I hope it’s been better than last year …fingers crossed… I have for you guys today another 2020 ranking list, not a very positive one; and to be honest one that I’ve debated with myself to actually post.. Lately stating any sort of opinion online is quite the minefield but let’s push ahead regardless.

Just a quick disclaimer, this is only my opinion regarding the level of enjoyment I had while reading the books mentioned here. If a favorite book of yours is listed here.. that’s awesome we all have different tastes and that’s completely fine, I’m in no way trying to offend or attack neither books, authors nor fans.

The List

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

I tried guys, I really did.. I know this books are favorites of a lot of people but I just couldn’t get into them.. I put in the effort and that’s when I realized it wasn’t working, reading shouldn’t be forced and to me this book was. I didn’t like the story for some reason.. Sorry.

Seven Ways to kill a King by Melissa Wright

This book bored me to tears, I just kept putting it down almost as soon as I pick it up. It was a great idea but maybe the writing didn’t agree with me.

Groupie by C. M. Stunich

I read reverse harem, angsty books, ridiculous plots (more than I should actually), but when you have all those things put together plus a set of unlikable characters… it’s just to much… that is what this book is.. way to much.. And it’s not my first book by this author, I have enjoyed some of her other work but this one I just couldn’t

Kiss and Break Up by Ella Fields

Childish behaviour, misscomunication to the extreme and gratuitous angst for the heck of it… I could not deal with it.. which made me sad because I do like her work a lot.. just not this book

Love in The Wild by Emma Castle

I think I built up this book way too much in my head, I was truly excited by the idea of a tarzan retelling .. and it started pretty good but at some point in the story It lost me… I wish it was done differently and I know that’s not the author fault but I just ended up dissapointed anyway.

Our Way by T. L. Swan

This book pissed me off, it should get the credit of making me almost hate read it (which is something I never do) I was just so mad of the way the characters’ sexuality choices were portraited… it had so much potential but it ended up lacking for me.. I think I just didn’t like the characters at all..

These were my worst books of 2020, hope you guys don’t chose to hunt me down for not liking them.. and I’m curious to know which were your worst books read on 2020 so leave a comment, link, shout out down below so I can find them..don’t forget if you want to help me keep on creating and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts just buy me a coffee (Ko-fi page) and support my work.

As Always

Happy Reading

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