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G. A. Aiken, H. Hunting and Melissa Toppen – Book Reviews


Lately I have been reviewing Arcs more than anything else — which is awesome because I’m helping authors developed their craft with my little grain of salt —  But I’ve missed the gushing and ranting of reviewing books I love or was dissapointed by… So, let’s get to it..

The Princess Knight by G.A. Aiken


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Anticipation is sometimes a great thing but others not so much.. I was looking forward to reading this book, so badly, because I adored the first one.. And yet this book was just an okay read. The first part of The book was slow, nothing truly happened.. It was The set up For what was to come and this is not a bad thing but I found myself pushing through a lot of It. There’s the usual humorous banter that It’s pretty characteristic of G.A. Aiken’s work and that I enjoyed but there were so many characters to Follow that I lost myself and had to go back to find out Who was Who sometimes.. Once The action kicks in, The pacing gets better and It’s easier to handle.. Still there’s so much going on that It gets a bit murky.. I liked It in The end, but I didn’t love it.. I’m continuing with The series For sure but not quite so hyped up.

Little lies H. Hunting


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This book was interesting, It deals with Anxiety disorders and Its coping mechanisms… How toxic they can be, How dependency is unhealthy and How to “kind of” overcome that… I was intrigued For The most part but found myself wanting more… It felt shallow sometimes, merely a glaze of what It could be.. Kodiak (our main guy) deals with severe anxiety and an unhealthy drive to perfection — sounds interesting right? sadly you are mostly told about it and shown in tiny bits that leave you wanting more… I get that being a romance the story revolves more around their relationship and How they can be better For each other instead of harmful.. But Even that It’s a bit superficial… when and how they actually get together.. It’s not a Bad book At all but I just wanted more..

Poison and Wine Melissa Toppen


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Another one that left me wanting a bit more depth and it also left me thinking.. “this isn’t right” …This is a second chance romance, and It deals with addiction .. What It does to those around The addict, and to the addict  himself (in this case) It’s hard to read sometimes because trying to get Back on your feet while fighting addiction, plus being judged At every turn (even while justified) It’s difficult to handle.. I liked this About The book. What I was cringey about was the romance, It felt unhealthy.. Even without trying to… It was supposed to be the second chance at life but to me it felt like changing one addiction For another regardless of How good you wanted It to be.. Also The ending was a bit abrupt with little resolution to jump to the stars and rainbows Happy Ever after… That felt forced to me…

Have you read any of these books? Let me know your thoughts or recommendations in The comments below.. And if you want to help me keep on creating and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts just buy me a coffee (Ko-fi page) and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading


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