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Do Comics and Manga Count for a Reading Challenge?

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I’ve wanted to talk About this topic for a while and now I have finally found the perfect excuse.. LOL .. Little backstory, I have done The Goodreads reading challenge for 5 Years now.. And some goals have been easy to meet, while others still left me wondering what was I thinking when I believed I could read that much..

2020 (a year that we know has been a lighter version of The Zombie apocalypse — I’m dramatic I know but still) I thought that I wasn’t going to achieve My goal (I wasn’t really in the mindframe to care about it too much) So, It was quite surprising when I noticed that I actually did meet my goal with even one book over it. When i look more in depth on how that happened, I noticed that It was mostly due to reading a lot of manga towards the end of the year..

Was that cheating in a way? According to my friend and on and off collaborator here on the blog (Comics specialist of sorts) Rafael (You can also find some of his work on — For Spanish Speakers only for now) It is Cheating. He believes that Comics and Manga shouldn’t be taken into account for a reading challenge.. And even though I know his comment is light-hearted and not a form of poisonous criticism (he mostly means how reading Comics and manga is faster than traditional reading so it’s kind of an unfair advantage) I decided to take offense nonetheless…

I’m going with current times (Everybody gets offended By something nowadays) plus It gave the perfect excuse to write this post..

Back story over Let The ranting begin…


Reading is reading, at least that’s what I think, It doesn’t matter If you read short stories, humongous books (here’s looking At you Brandon Sanderson), Comics, Manga or their compilations..

Granted, our brain works differently when processing huge blocks of text or grasping abstract concepts, and traditional reading gives us the posibility to built the world in our mind but it can also be a handicap sometimes; particularly when author’s get too concerned with the descriptions and narrative while leaving mostly nothing to the reader’s imagination forcing them to keep putting down a book when they find the process difficult or boring for them..

When we talk about Comics and Manga we take all the description found in a story and create images with it, making easier for the readers to summerge themselves in the world and the Characters development… merely following cleverly written dialogue.

In fact reading Comics and Manga can be helpful for struggling readers and can also bring new readers to the traditional literature.. it even helps with vocabulary and literacy.

Bu don’t take just my word for it I went looking for validation among my peers so it wasn’t just my own ranting as it usually is. So, I took The question to my dear book blogger friends: Naty from Naty’s Bookshelf (Who has recently become a book tuber go Check her out ) and Misty from Misty’s bookspace ( My cohort on The TropeAthon ) and here’s what they had to say:

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I can see How it might feel unfair when we add Comics and manga to  reading challenges because It’s true that they are a faster read.. You can read lot more Comics in the time It will take you to read a short book, but Let’s be honest that’s other thing that makes them appealing, they are a fun and quick read. and this doesn’t make them any less valid, it’s like saying that audio books don’t count because you are not tecnically reading, right?

In the end It’s the reader’s prerogative what will fill their Challenges, and if that is a Comics, Manga, Tradional Books, Audio books or a mixture of all of the above it’s fine by me.. we are all readers anyway..

What do you guys think? Do Comics and Manga Count as reading? Let me know in The comments below.. And if you want to help me keep on creating and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts just buy me a coffee (Ko-fi page) and support my work.. 

As Always

Happy Reading


10 thoughts on “Do Comics and Manga Count for a Reading Challenge?

  1. Reblogged this on Misty's Book Space and commented:
    Hello bookworms!!

    Today instead of sharing my own post I am reblogging this post from Michelle who asked me if I thought comics and manga should count toward reading challenges? She has shared our answers in this post. Please take a moment to read through her post and share your thoughts on the matter and while you’re there give her a follow if you haven’t already.

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  2. I don’t read Manga but I have and do read comics and graphic novels, and I count them, I read it so why shouldn’t I count it. While they may be shorter, you’re still reading something.

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  3. Love this conversation! I absolutely believe comics and Manga count as reading, and should count towards the reading goal. Reading is reading, whether or not it was made to consume quicker, shouldn’t matter. I don’t read much manga, but I’ve gotten into graphic novels/comics lately and I count them towards my challenge.

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