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Plus-size Representation in Books – Let the Ranting Begin

Hello Bookish people, How are you doing so far this 2021? For me It’s been mostly The same … An ongoing effort to put some normalcy into My routine… And that is Where blogging comes in.. You guys know How much I Love writing discussion post, and since I’m feeling inspired I’m getting down to business…

This time around I want to tackle another side of The “Good representation” issue that is so popular today… Plus size representation in books (romance books mostly). I have talked About tirelessly on My blog how I feel About this particular topic — take a look here.. But It has mainly been About Cultural representation.. How It can be Good or Bad, merely a check in a box kind of thing…

But what About when It comes To Body type? Being a plus size girl myself, you can say that It is a topic that can be touchy for me… I’m quite familiar with The struggle of being as healthy as possible.. (Even with a few pounds over your “ideal” weight), The self-doubt, The bullying, and finally The acceptance and All The positive goodness that comes with it… As you can see a sensitive topic indeed, one that I live with everyday..

Funny enough I don’t read a lot of books with plus size characters.. And It’s not because There are none or that they are hard to find (they used to be but not so much anymore)… There’s a Good flow of books in that respect … However, Even If The amount has increased, The quality of those characters isn’t that great.

There is a huge amount of books that wave The plus size character banner.. When in reality they just describe someone with curves… Let’s make something very clear ..

Curvy isn’t plus size … okay?…

Setting that record straight there’s another number of “topics” I find quite annoying. Not everyone wants or can lose weight magically, nor having a Good looking guy falling For you will solve all your problems.. like Literally all of them… Even getting rid of pimples.. Seriously…You won’t suddenly accept yourself just because “he” did…..

Not every plus size girl is an insecure hermit At least not most of The time… Not everyone has questionable friends that will give you The worst advice on How to lose weight… And I do understand that this can be a plot twist on The story, a way to raise awareness on difficult issues like eating disorders and their consequences,  sadly, most of The time Is handled poorly and ends up being a turn off instead.

I tend to be picky when it come to plus size representation, I Feel like I’ve struck gold when I find a plus size character Who is just happy living her life The best way she can, when she has supportive family and friends Who Love her just as she is (and If The issue of losing weight comes up in The story is not to just get some guy, or be accepted, But to improve herself..and she gets to do just that in a healthy way)… And I’m not trying to Say that everything should be fluff because that’s not realistic At all.. There should be conflic after all it wouldn’t be fun otherwise But The quality and resolution of said conflict should be better…

With this in mind I have a little List that encompass all I have mentioned before and are also quite entertaining to read.. My little gold mine..

40-Love by Olivia Dade — Not only a olus size woman but over forty as well for those who enjoy more mature characters.


Get a Life Chloe Brown by Thalia Hibbert — Fun all around


Trust by Kylie Scott — A YA unusual relationship about accepting each other


Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway — Plus size girl and a cabaret Performer…need I say more


What do you think About plus size rep in books? Leave some of your recommendations in the comments below and Don’t forget that if you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work

As Always

Happy Reading


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