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Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison – Requested Review

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Hello there fellow book addicts, I have another review for you today.. one that should have been up a while ago.. but life’s been hell in a handbasket so It’s taking me a while to catch up on the ones that I was asked to write.. I apologize…

But this was worth the wait, for those who enjoy a good thriller set in space.. check this out..

Church of the Assassin By Ross Harrison


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I was gifted a free copy of this book by The Author in exchange for an honest review.
I was a bit hesitant to commit myself to write a review of this book for two reasons. One, It’s The fifth installment on The Nexus series; and Two I’m not an avid Sci Fi reader. But I shouldn’t have had any doubts whatsoever.

First, this book is more a standalone thriller than a space opera (which are not a favorite of mine– even so i do enjoy a few from time to time), Even If It’s set on different planets and We do have aliens and such. Also It reads perfectly as a standalone so there’s no gaps to the story that will make me lose focus or interest.

It’s more action and mystery than anything else. We have a kick-ass female Assassin called Alexiares Who is tough, skilled and a survivor through and through. She suddenly finds herself on The run with a child, and understandably so self-doubt arise.. How can she care For a small child in these circumstances? What Kind of life and example can she give? But dispite It all she choses to protect The baby agaisnt all threats.

We also have a young investigator who will cross paths with Alexiares. His character isn’t the typical jaded cop and thinks nothing of pairing up with the assassin to solve the mystery.. Of which I’m chosing to be very vague because it’s more fun for you guys to read it yourselves.

There’s action, there’s mystery and very interesting character development within this book.

My only let down could be that there’s too much detail on our main character’s inner reflections… And that drags on The story a bit. I understand why this is done.. Because It shows her nature as an assassin, keen to everything that surrounds her But It bug me a little, and broke up a bit of the action.

If you are looking For an entertaining thriller with a space setting look no further, I will certainly go Back and read The previous installments of The series.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review and Don’t forget that if you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work.

As Always

Happy Reading


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