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Dissapointing Books From My favorite Authors

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Hello fellow bookworms, How have you guys been? I was wondering the other day if it’s just me, who gets this feeling of happiness after finishing a book? and then you get this craving to go back and read everything he/she has written in the past, because you know it’s going to be just that good.. Am I alone on this crazy train? I hope not… So please let me know…

Have you felt like this before? Have you jumped to the backlist of an author because you know you’ll love everything he or she writes?

And doesn’t it make you feel sad and betrayed (I’m so dramatic, I know, but bear with me) that once you do… go through their backlist with hearts in your eyes … some of their past books just can’t quite meassure up to your expectations?.. 

This is what this sacrilegeous post is all about, I’m sharing with you guys a list of 5 of my favorite authors and their most dissapointing books (in my opinion).. If by any chance any of the books I mentioned here happens to be one of your all time favorites — that’s awesome, let me know in the comments what it was that you loved about it…

Penelope Douglas — Aflame


I love everything this woman writes, seriously. I have read it all; even the novellas which I dislike reading usually. And even if I do like some books more than others .. as we all do .. But this one book, I truly didn’t think it was quite necessary… It was a bit of too much drama for a story that was already done.. It did worked out in the overall plot of the series but I still wasn’t a fan.

Mariana Zapata — Hands Down


I know she is the queen of the slow burn romance, and I’m quite used to her slow pace slice of life kind of writing.. And I enjoy that in her books.. I even like most of her kind of grumpy male characthers.. But this book I just couln’t get into.. I felt like it wasn’t moving along… there was absolutely no chemistry between the characters and not a single burn to the slow burn… it was just slow, so freaking slow…

Kate Stewart — Someone Else’s Ocean


This woman writes some of the best angsty romances, and I love how real she makes them feel.. her characters are there to be loved or hated because you’ll hate some of them.. but that’s her magic.. However, in this story the mark was missed by a mile… there’s no believable romance here.. it’s a drag of a book… it starts so slow and then just moves so quickly that everything feels glossed over..

Leigh Bardugo — The Shadow and Bone Trilogy


I’m going to get it with this one, I know. But in my defense I do like quite a few of the characters on this trilogy. But by the time I did read this book which was after reading Six of Crows.. It wasn’t a awesome as I was hoping for, in fact it was more of the same kind of story floating around.. And I really dislike Alina.. #sorrynotsorry

Jennifer L. Armentrout — Wicked


When you remember absolutely nothing about a book… not even what the heck you enjoyed if you even enjoyed something… we have a problem.. that’s waht happened with this book. I can’t even tell you with all honesty if I did hate it… and that doesn’t seem like a good thing to me..

What are your dissapointing reads? Let me know all about them in the comments below, and if you love any of these books let me know too, I love hearing different opinions on things I like and dislike.. Don’t forget that if you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading



3 thoughts on “Dissapointing Books From My favorite Authors

      1. I read Six of Crows then shadow and bone then Siege and Storm then Ruin in rising and then I reread six of crows and then read crooked kingdom for the first time.


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