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Dark Hysteria By Naomi Lucas – Book Review


Hello guys, it’s been a while since I have posted a review that wasn’t either an ARC or a requested review.. So, it’s fun to get back into it albeit it’s a 3 star rated book… But it was a fun read for a whole different reason than it was intended to.. at least for me, let’s get into the review…

Dark Hysteria – Naomi Lucas (Cyborg Shifters # 8)



I was in the mood for a spacey, sci fi, not too intense kind of book when I came across this story on my Goodreads feed… And I jump into it, there was romance, a hate to love trope with murderous intent, aaannd a shifter Cyborg.. what could go wrong?..

Well wrong isn’t the word exactly more like unexpected. It was what I wanted, a fun steamy read.. with the right amount of action and moderately good characters.. I do have to say that this is the 8th book in this series but that didn’t matter.. you get the gist of everything without too much trouble which I always appreciated.

The characters were okay for the most part, even if they were predictable but since that was what I wanted at the time it was fine..

What did came as a surprise and it actually made this book hilarious (I apologize if that wasn’t the author’s intention) was the fact that… Huge Spoiler Ahead… Hysterian (our main guy) is a shifter… a frog shifter.. plus he needs to use a full body suit at all times, in order not to kill everyone… I do mean at all times, even while having sex… I’m not kidding.. That imaginery was… striking to me… I went, from picturing a hunky male cyborg to a guy with a condom suit… And that was ridiculosly funny to me..


Aside from that, it truly is a fun not too troublesome read.. If any of you guys want to give it a try… it work perfectly to keep my mind off everyday life which is a huge feat right now…

Don’t forget to comment whether you have read this book and if you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading


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