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Five Years and Counting — Blogaversary


I cannot believe that I have done this For 5 years already… Where did the time go? I’m still a bit iffy About counting 2020 For obvious reasons… It was The year from hell and the blog wasn’t active for at least half of It. The other half was a sporadic mess… Yet, I did read a bit and It was The year that I received more review requests so… It counts… right?

Getting Back on track I just wanted to Thank you guys ( fellow bookbloggers, Authors, and friends ) For your support.. It’s been a lot of fun creating Topics For discussions, participating on readathons, hosting my own Tropeathon (poor thing has been lost in limbo but it will come back, I promise), making the best of friends within The bookish community and ultimately learning.. About you guys, and About myself… It’s been a ride.. One that I hope to continue as best as My new circumstances allow… I just want to keep recommending, reviewing, and helping spread The reading bug around…

When We reach a milestone (yep!, 5 years is a milestone for me) It’s unavoidable to look Back and reflect on what has changed over The years… The progress you’ve made..which sometimes can be a little daunting but taking a lighter approach..(who needs more stress, right?) I wanted to share my top pick of books for each year… It wasn’t easy to choose ( you know I Can’t just pick one.. It’s an issue I don’t want to fix) But I did My best.. 

Here are My top 3 books,mangas and ARCS through these 5 years of ramblings..


The year It all began…


It was a hard choice because I read many great books that year But I chose..


  • Flame in The Mist .. It was My first Asian inspired Fantasy and I loved It
  • Trust .. I was pleasantly surprised By having a plus sized main girl
  • Ghosted.. One of The best second chance romances that I’ve read..
  • Namaikizakari and LDK.. I was only reading Fantasy until I fell into The slices of life and these two were My favorites.
  • My first one Ever… First Came Forever


The year of The Dark romance…


  • The Kiss Quotient How could It not be on this List, this book is perfection and I don’t want to hear otherwise..
  • Pestilence and Birthday Girl … I Love Dark themes romance books and these remain favorites to this day..
  • Suijin no Hanayome .. A beautiful and slightly controversial Fantasy story

Sadly there were no Arcs this year…


I read a lot this year… more than I expected


  • Method, The Bride Test and Marriage For One.. Hard hitting, emotional and full of romance… A thrill of feels…
  • Tate no yuusha or The Rise of the Shield Hero… A great story although I do prefer The anime adaptation TBH


The year from hell and The year when I discovery Yaoi manga and didn’t look Back ..LOL


  • The Guy on The left, Saving Askara and When you come Back to me… Even If they do have romance in them .. Very different topics, I was reading more out of My comfort zone..
  • Ten Count and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi… Remember My earlier statement? I was sucked into The world of BL and Yaoi.


  • The man Who acts and A girl’s guide to poker… Both books ended up helping me get through a Bad time in different ways.. With advice and merely taking My mind off My problems For a bit.


It’s still ongoing…so, I’m not picking anything yet, But let me tell you that It’s going to be really difficult narrowing all The books down….there are a lot so far…

Thank you guys For going along with me on this crazy Bookish journey.. Hope to see you more often and let me know in The comments About any post ideas you would like me to tackle in The future.. Or if you are interested on a collaboration… I’m all ears.. 

If you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading


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