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Books That will Emotionally Wreck you


Hello My fellow bookworms! How’s life? I truly Hope each one of you It’s doing great regardless of pandemic, protests, and all The chaos that usually surrounds us. We need to vent, We need to purge all that negativity to stay a little sane. Some people excercise, some do crafts, and We Bookish people read.. And What better way to “purge” Than ugly crying with and emotional and Heart wrenching story? 

Not to worry I have you covered, here are 4 of those stories, just don’t forget to Lock The Door and stock up on tissues because .. Ugly crying isn’t an understatement with these books. They will tear you up and put you Back together in The Best way.

Before We start The List, I have 2 honorable mentions… These are books I have talked About tirelessly on My blog and they fit these theme to a T.. So just to remind you guys that If you still haven’t Check them out … Please do…

Full Tilt – Emma Scott


This is a duet, But to be completely honest The one that packs a punch… The one that will make you sob like crazy is The first book ( My favorite because I’m a sucker For punishment)

Both are great regardless.

A Thousand Boy Kisses – Tillie Cole


Talk About sweet and emotional.. Plus It is a unique story that will make you cry and curse to The heavens But in The end you will be smiling.

The Official List

Underneath The Sycamore Tree – B. Celeste


This book reminded me a little of a thousand By kisses and yet is not quite like that. I do warn you not to forget The tissues…

Kick Push – Jay Mclean


This book has a bit of everything, coming of Age story, hard-hitting and emotional relationships, grief… It just stuck with me

The Last Letter – Rebecca Yarros


Coping with Loss, getting Back on your feet, trying to stay afloat.. Emotionally and otherwise, This book is hard-hitting and you will rage while reading… Just fair warning But still Loved It

Bringing Down The stars – Emma Scott


For emotionally powerful books She’s The Author to go to… This particular book was to me About learning your limits and still push through them. It’s not easy and It will be painful yet fulfilling in The end

These are My recommendations For The perfect crying stint… Let me know in The comments If you have read any of These books or If you have some others to Recommend… I’m always up For a Good Bookish cry…

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As Always

Happy Reading


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