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Arcs and Requested Reviews – I called him HIM by Scott W. Kimak

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Hello fellow books addicts, I have for you today one heck of a read… I’m certainly reading quite different styles of books than I’m used to lately…and I’m digging it..So let’s jump right in..

I called him HIM by Scott W Kimak


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And we have the second 5 star read of the year… Guys this book it’s the best Good VS Evil epic fight that I’ve read in a while. I literally read this book in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down… and it was hard because I didn’t want it to end.. it was that good.

It’s a post apocalyptic world where you need to fight to survive.. Demons rule and humans have lost all faith and become slaves.. All but her. Then we have HIM, and we know very little about HIM for a good chunk of the book.. just his need for revenge and his slow fall into darkness until he crosses paths with her… and it works perfectly this slow unraveling of his identity and dilemmas…

This book was action packed, funny enough I felt like reading an anime at times and that’s a plus for me…It might have been because of the use of martial arts during the fights or just the flow of the action sequences but I can say it was very well written.

This book was gritty, dark and yet it has funny moments to light it all up … and a hopeful (and a slightly religious one if that’s something you would enjoy — I didn’t mind it in this case– ) undertone that you will journey through right along with our protagonists. Other thing that I was ecstatic with was that this arc of the story (it’s just book one in a series) gets resolved but it also leaves us with enough fodder for the next installments.

I hope that my review conveys what a great read this was without any spoilers.. you should just jump right in and live the experience yourself..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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