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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Woodcastle: The Courts Divided by Kell Inkston

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Hey bookish friends, I seem to be on a roll when it comes to Arcs and Requested reviews lately… I’m reading more of them than my traditional choice of books and I can’t say I’m mad about that… Don’t worry I’m still reading my usual Dark romance and manga and I’ll have some recs on that soon.

Not today, I have a unique kind of fantasy book for you guys today so, let’s get to it..
Woodcastle: The Courts Divided Book One by Kell Inkston



I received a free copy of This book in exchange For an honest opinion.
There’s one word to sum up This book … Potential.
It has everything that a Fantasy lover will be hooked on, epic battles, magic, quests.. A myriad of characters that range from evil lords to wizards and dragons.
By The way I found extremely clever The usage of The characters’ names to fit in The story… Plus their development will surprise you. You think you’ll have them figure out But you don’t, they are much more Than metes The Eye.
This book felt to me like I was watching an anime… It has a nice flow and humour… Lots of humour that At times I did find a little Too much…
The one thing I would say that This book needed was more editing to achieve all Its full potential.
Nevertheless It is a fun read that leaves you with an important message… We need to understand one another…
I would continue with The series because I’m sure that with more experience this Author will be a very Good one.

Hope you guys decide to give this book a chance and If you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading


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