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Scheduling Posts – Is It a Book Bloggers Best tool?

IMG_5285Hey guys how’s this post pandemic world treating you? We are still smack dab in the middle of it so… I was thinking about those assets we book bloggers have that help us keep active while living inside a dystopian novel (dramatic I know) 

How do we managed to stay active and not let everything fizzle out? One simple answer… scheduling ahead… Pre scheduled posts are the best friends any of us could have or aren’t they?

Let’s hash them out, It’s true that having some structure and planning ahead can be a great advantage while trying to keep a blog active.. there are some types of posts that you can easily prep weeks in advance even… like New releases and Top 5 or 10 books —– fill in the blank, Book tags, Recommendations… and even some discussion posts..

I subscribe to this method… many of the things you guys read here was planned in advanced (guess the cat is out the bag) However I have found that with this approach comes a series of issues… 

When pre planning new releases for instance … sometimes many books get left out of the lists because their release date comes after the date the post was planned.. When it comes to discussions some can even feel outdated and not with the ongoing trends (if you are like me.. someone who doesn’t really pays attention to that it won’t matter but if you are looking for traffic and such then it becomes an issue)

tenor (1)

Book tags and recommendations don’t pose a problem… they stand the test of time sort of speak… But it’s fair to raise the question .. Is pre scheduling posts that much of a help?

I think it is, nitpicker that I am… it does help to keep a structure and at least there’s one or two post that you know can work fine with that… As for the rest I think the solution to that outdated feel would be not getting so far ahead … instaed of having months planned in advanced (true story… I tried that and it was a huge fail).. why not try just a couple of weeks…it’s been working for me (kind of) so far…

What do you think? what are your secrets to keep your blog active when life gets crazy? Let me know all about it in the comments below..

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As Always

Happy reading


5 thoughts on “Scheduling Posts – Is It a Book Bloggers Best tool?

  1. I schedule a couple of weeks in advance (not reviews though, that’s fly by the seat of my pants!) I did try and do further out than that but found I lost interest in what I’d posted by the time it came out!!!

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