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Three Books, One Author – Tillie Cole “The Deadly Virtues”


I’m always trying to find new ways to tackle the tons of books that I have/want to read… not only the new releases which will only increase that number but also that huge backlist that it’s gathering dust on my tablet (not really– but you get my point) That’s how I came up with this new series of posts about reading 3 books by the same author… It can be part of a series, or standalones or both… and we’ll compare how the writing has developped, the sory has improved, (or not)..

We are kicking off this project with a newish series by Tillie Cole — The third book being a new release.. The deadly virtues Series… No surprise there that I would chose a Dark Romance to start with right?

Let’s get on it:

The Fallen: Genesis



This is a prequel novella, it sets of our story… Unlike some other novellas that I chose to skip (I do not like novellas) this one must be read or you won’t know as well as you should what the heck is going on.. Plus this novella ended up being my top second favorite of the series..

Its tone is dark, its subject matter is disturbing but you will feel connected with each of the characters… you’ll want to know more about them, you’ll suffer right alongside them unspeakable torture.. and finally you’ll become as bloodthirsty and vengeful as them… That’s the power of this book..

Tillie Cole’s writing is phenomenal… she know how to write f-up and yet lovable characters like noone else… It shows in this book.




Our first official instalment on the series… I’m sad to say that is not really a favorite of mine.. It certainly packs a punch and has a lot of information about our “Fallen” that we shouldn’t miss … but I wasn’t a huge fan of the couple for some reason.

It’s an overall good story for those of us who enjoy twisted in our books to the point of questioning our sanity… but I didn’t quite connect with the female lead on this one… I like my protagonists a little less good… even if by the end she gets totally twisted..




Our new release… and the second in the series. My favorite book so far… this book was epic… it has action, steam, twisted fuckery, the same dark undertone that we love from this story and yet it manages to be uplifting.. because it’s about acceptance of who you truly are… we are not all good nor bad but a mix of both… and even if that “bad” ends up being the murderous kind there’s someone that will accept you flaws and all…

Need I remind you that this is the kind of book that will make you question your sanity? I just loved it… there’s so much family development with the Fallen and with now the addition of the Coven (our kick ass girls)… There’s so many leads for future books and I’m rooting for one couple in particular to actually happen — Please Beth and Michael.. Please — I had a bit of doubt after not loving the previous book but this one just blew up everything.

If you love a good Dark romance don’t miss out on this series and let me know in the comments if you want me to check out a particular author for this 3 in 1 post…

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As Always

Happy reading


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