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Successful Adaptations — Book To TV

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Hello everybody, how have you been? if you have followed me for a while you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of adaptations… (and if you didn’t know now you do) It’s not that I hate them or anything, it’s just that when I hear that a book or manga is going to be adapted I get chills… like literally… chills run down my spine.

So many adaptations have failed to live up to the source material that I just cringe knowing it’s bound to happen again…

Nonsensical changes in the story, cutting short plotlines, awful casting, not enough budget throughout the project… many reasons why it can and will go wrong, however I have to admit that when you do find a decent and even good adaptation of your favorite story.. it’s like hitting the jackpot… (I felt that way with the first few seasons of Outlander — I’m sadly behind on that show)

Recently I have hit that jackpot with a few Tv Shows and Anime that have not only delivered a good adaptation but in some cases improved the way the story was told… And I know I might be late watching some of these but like I said, I think long and hard before tackling a TV adaptation…

Let’s get to the goodies



To be totally honest (like I always try to be with you guys) I hadn’t read this series.. So I guess watching the TV show prompted me to check out the books and it didn’t disappoint at all… I still have a lot to catch up on but I’m hoping to do so while enjoying the upcoming seasons.. 

Shadow and Bone


I was unsure about this one.. I really don’t like the first trilogy.. I would have watched it mainly for the Six of Crow storyline and I wasn’t sure that they would do a good job of mixing the two… I stand corrected. They managed to make it fun, even with its typical YA tropes.. And the stories merged seamlessly.

Eighty Six 


When it comes to anime adaptations my main concern it’s always not having a full story.. mangas tend to be complex a lot of the time and adapting all that can be tricky… But this light novel to anime was done wonderfully. It follows the same style of story telling (going back and forth between the characters) and you get the full scope of what’s going on… the emotions hit you just as much.

The Stranger at the Beach


This Yaoi was a treat. The manga was sweet and hard-hitting and the anime captured that… I only wish that the second arc of the story gets animated as well.


After enjoying these well made adaptations I’m hesitantly looking forward to the Upcoming Dune movie and the new Yaoi anime Ten Count (when it’s finally released) Hopefully they won’t be disappointing and help me recover my faith in adaptations…

Dune-361911040-large  Ten_count_anime

How about you guys? have you watched any of these shows? which is better the book or the TV show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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As Always

Happy reading


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