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Arcs and Requested reviews – Red Blood by Kaitlyn Legaspi

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Hey bookish friends.. I’m still going strong with my Arcs and Requested reviews and I’m not mad about it. I have found really good books that I certainly wouldn’t have chosen otherwise… That’s awesome, I’m not only helping out spreading thw word but I’m also reading more outside of my comfort zone.. Today I have a YA urban fantasy to share with you… Let’s get to it.

Red Blood by Kaitlyn Legaspi



To be honest I was a bit hesitant with this book.. I’m not that keen on YA tropes lately but it turns out I was doing this book a disservice by thinking that way.
The world is so unique.. First it’s not quite a typical YA and …I mean,  a government inspired by the deck of cards? That’s so cool. And the characters are great, they are flawed, they are strong, funny, snarky, so very relatable… and their development throughout the story is very well done… It’s certainly one of the main pluses this book has..
Neela was an awesome female lead, not the typical girl here to save the world and yet I would have loved to have more than one POV. I think some of the others characters perspectives would have given a broader spectrum into the world. There was a bit of repetitive inner dialogue that I could have done without.
The tournament was entertaining but there was too much telling and not enough showing in my opinion… it needed more action in some parts…
Nevertheless it was a very fun story to read, and I would recommend it for any fan of the genre looking for something fresh.

Hope that I got you interested on this book and that you do check it out 

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As Always

Happy reading


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