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Arcs and Requested Reviews – A Flight in the Heavens by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr

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Hey guys.. another Arc review and this time is my second 5 star read of 2021.. so you see it’s been working great reading more arcs.. This book has everything, action, fluid writing style, unpredictable plot twists, kick ass characters, slow burn romance… not to be missed when it comes out on June 21st 2021.

A Flight in the Heavens by Gabrielle Gagne-Cyr


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And we have my second 5 star read of this year.
They have been scarce but when they hit they hit you like a truck.
This book packs a hell of a punch, it’s exactly the kind of Fantasy I love to read, those that start with full on action and don’t let you down throughout the story.
The rebellion agaisnt a tyrant, wanting to set your people free.. it kind of hit a bit close to home in my case.. and the fact that dictators can be perceived as Gods (noone can defeat them) becasue they rule by fear was spot on… of course in this case he did have a Godlike power (it wouldn’t be fun otherwise)
I loved that we learn of the world as we go along.. not info dumps all around. You’re just another member of the rag tag group learning the story, between bouts of action.
The characters are kick ass.. all in their own way… and I do want to know more about Farrah’s past… I have my suspicions but I’m quite intrigued to find out if I’m right.
The setting felt more steampunk than fantasy but it works with the sky pirates perfectly… who wouldn’t like to be a sky pirate?
The romance bit it’s a hell of a slow burn that I’m sure will develop gradually on the next installments.. and to be honest it wasn’t even that important.. in my opinion.
There’s a huge cliffhanger that will have you screaming for the next book asap… and even if I hate those with a passion it worked … I want the next book now..
Don’t miss out on a hell of an adventure.

Hope you take my advice and check this book out once it’s out on June 21st… it’s worth the read for sure…

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As Always

Happy reading


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