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Top Reads of 2021 (so far)


We are already in The middle of 2021… Unbelievable right? Anyone else feels as If times hasn’t moved? Like living a groundhog year? Anyway regardless of perception time does move forward and with It all our reading…
My reading year has been surprising, not only because I have read a lot more Than I thought I would…(I’m going through some personal Things that take away a lot of My time) But because I have read a lot of Manga and ARCS… Not many new Releases, and that doesn’t sound like me At all.
Maybe I was body snatched during The pandemic (silly joke only I find funny… Hmmm) Moving on from My embarrassing sense of humour Let’s get to “The List”

What List? Easy, best books I’ve read so far this year and The ones YOU shouldn’t miss….


I received many requests For review and I Love that.. It helps keep My reading diverse to say The least … My top choices were:


  • Him — Really unexpected and thought-provoking.. Full review here
  • Rising Star — Exactly What a Rising pop star life should be like… Full review here


  • Stranger On The beach — I’ve mentioned before How obsessed I ‘ve become with Yaoi and this one It’s amazing… It has sweetness, steam, drama, self acceptance.. Great read indeed.
  • HorimiyaA manga that will hooked you not only because of The story (which Is great) But because of The characters… I just want friends like that .. Full review here


  • Hollow Heathens — More like a re read of sorts But This book Is just so Good… It’s creepy, mysterious, thrillery, steamy, romantic, dark… It’s gothic atmosphere Is amazing…
  • Eighty Six —  I’m obsessed with this light novel… My second light novel Ever. It’s such a complex story.. And quite fitting to The times We are living.
  • Mo Dao zu shi — My third light novel… I guess I was on a roll…LOL.. To be honest I got hooked because of The anime and I just Needed more …and boy Did I got more.
  • Jegudiel  After The previous book I wasn’t as hyped as I could have been But This book blow me away… Now I just want more. Full review here

I have read a total of 61 books so far and these are My top 8 reads… Will The New Penelope Douglas (My current read) join this List? Wait and see… What are your top reads so far? Let me know in The comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


One thought on “Top Reads of 2021 (so far)

  1. Yippee!!! I’m so excited I made your Top Reads of 2021 So Far List! Thanks, Michelle! You made my day. Thanks again for the time and energy you spent reviewing RISING STAR!


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