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Themes I Hate in Books


A while Back I shared with you guys all those amazing Topics that will keep me going Back to reading a particular book over and over (if you are curious about which they are go here)… So, I thought.. since My taste in book Is evolving and The Things I enjoy have changed slightly… Those that I cannot stand might have changed as well.. fair enough way of thinking right?
So Let’s dive into those themes I just Hate to read About…

Insta Love triangle


I have mentioned before that although.. Insta love nor Love triangles are My favorite tropes, If they are done well I can Even enjoy them. I have read and loved some with those topics. To be fair that can be said For many of The topics I will be discussing, done well they are even interesting top read about. But If you combine them The Insta Love triangle … It just becomes an epic mess… It’s not Love… It’s simple horniness…. And your own decision Making issues…. that’s all.. and it’s stupid.

I’ll protect you But I won’t tell you because… Reasons..


Yep! That makes so much sense, right? I don’t like martyrs For The sake of being martyrs… If you want to save someone… Do your best But don’t do It behind their Back… It’s annoying… and it usually ends badly and it’s so freaking predictable..

Box checking characters


This one Is a recent pet peeve of mine. I have talked a lot About diversity on My blog, and What I Feel About It. So, when I come across a book that has a “diverse cast of characters” that are mere stereotypes of themselves… I just get frustrated.. And so very annoyed. Why? Why?

The Special Snowflake


Also a recent dislike of mine… And to be honest It’s not The chosen one trope nor the Overpowered one that bugs me per se… I kind of like The idea of The average joe having to save The world, or leading a revolution, discovering that they have amazing powers.. What I don’t like It’s How easy they become Good At everything…. WTF? Things in life are hard and It takes an effort to learn and master any talent you may have… Even If you are Born with It… You still need practice and dedication. So, having The perfect swordsman just by picking up a sword It’s ridiculous…and cheap.

These are My top 4 themes I Hate to find in the books I read now… I guess I’m a little more tolerant.. Or les of a nitpicker… Or maybe I just finally found The specifics of Why some themes bother me so much. I do have some others that are mild annoyances but I can overlook them. these four though they really bug me.


How about you guys which are you hated themes in books? Let me know in the comments below if we have any in common…

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As Always

Happy Reading



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