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Unusual Reading Habits


Hey guys, can you believe We are more Than halfway through 2021? These Past year and a half has been … I don’t Even have words to describe It… The ups and Downs have been enough to drive anyone crazy, Which Is Why We need our safe haven… Reading and Blogging It’s many of You know…And If you didn’t now you do.
It’s Where I can get My freak on bookish style… And Let loose. What? Didn’t You know that you could get crazy and go all out while reading…in a Bookish sort of way?
You absolutely can…
In fact Let me share with you My top unusual reading Habits…

What does it look like … 


When I come across a book that I just can’t put down.. I find myself wanting to know what the characters would look like if they were “real”.. Not quite like finding an actor to cast in a role but more like drawing a portrait of them or finding someone else’s work that I can admire… Perhaps that’s why I love following artists accounts on Instagram.

Sometimes if the mood strikes I would even attempt to draw them myself. And this little quirk doesn’t end with the characters, Nope, I can try to find landscapes or places mentioned as well… 

To be honest this little quirk of mine has been put on hold since I don’t have as much “free” time as I used to, and sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything else but read.. however the need is still there.

Chain Reading Genre


I don’t know if I’m the only one with this habit but once I get into a book… and love it… I just need more like it. That’s why I embark myself in a chain reading frenzy… At the moment I’m navigating my chain reading MM fantasy romance.. so if you guys have any recommendations let me know…pretty please…

This quirk has its ups and downs… for one it lets me have an ample knowledge of a particular genre (That’s why I can put together so many recommendations based on genres or the most recent guides for you)

The downside is that I tend to burn out said genre, and it takes me a while to pick it back up again.

Love The sound of My own Voice


Am I the only one who enjoys acting out some parts of a book while reading? Anyone? It’s funny, I sometimes find myself reading out loud scenes of the books I’m reading… playing to be an actress… LOL

Music Soul Mates


Since the author’s playlists have become a thing on many books… I just can help listening to them while reading… I just want to be able to feel more in-depth what inspired certain scenes or characters… and music creates that connection for me. Plus I get to add new music to my playlists.

Well these are some of my unusual (maybe or maybe not) reading habits, how about you guys… what are those things that you do while reading that you believe are not common at all…let me know I’m not the only one with a crazy streak…

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As Always

Happy Reading


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