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The .. “It’s not You, It’s me” .. Review


Hey bookish people! How’s your reading going? I can’t complain about my reading year so far (I do have many other karmic complains — God? Please? but let’s take a breath and move on, you guys aren’t here for my whining) I have read a lot of books that were on my backlist TBR — Awesome! — Many other new ones that I have found thanks to my “particular genre craving”, and a lot of ARCs that weren’t something that I would have chosen but turn out to  be great reads… So all in all, it’s going good.

Since I have been a very prolific reader, you might get the idea that I would be a prolific reviewer… Kind of… I have done a few reviews mixed up with recommendations, some with discussions and of course the requested ones. Among this vast field of reviews I have stumbled on one that has me baffled, and unsure of its fairness…

Which prompted me to write a discussion about it… Why not ask you guys for your thoughts on this bookish related matter? Let me give you a full picture of what I’m talking about..

The It’s not You is Me Review


From that line you should be able to get a hint of where I’m going with this topic… but let’s expand our horizons. What the heck are you talking about? 

Have you ever finished a book with a good plotline nice pacing.. not many editorial mistakes, fun characters, enjoyable banter… in a nutshell, a good book… something that should have made you the happiest little bookworm out there… and yet you feel nothing…

And it’s not like there’s something wrong with the relatability of the story or the characters, in fact that’s also nicely worked out… 

The fault lies solely on your shoulders… for whatever reason (stress, slumpiness, tiredness.. you name it) You fail to connect and enjoy a good book. So, if that’s the case is it fair to rate it and review it?


Objectively speaking you are able to see the good points the book has and the quality of the work… but are unable to give a proper emotional reaction to said story…

A bad review, blaming the book for that lack of connection seem like a cheap cop-out.. when there’s really nothing awful about it. 

A good review feels a bit like a half truth, because of that failure to fully enjoy what you read.

So, should you wait a while, let the funk pass, and try to go back and re read the book? Or should you go with total objectivity (as much as that can be done when giving an opinion) and explain … it’s not you dear book, it’s all me.

Particularly I tend to go with option two, mostly when I’m dealing with deadlines but I still feel a bit unfair… otherwise I do wait and re read the book once I’m out of the grayish area of my life.

How about you guys? Does this happen to you? What do you do when it does? Let me know any tips you may have to avoid it.. or deal with it in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


One thought on “The .. “It’s not You, It’s me” .. Review

  1. I would usually read a bit to see if I’m into a book, if I don’t like it I’ll DNF it and move on. So technically, I don’t read bad books. I give the standard rating of 3 stars to all the books (as long as they’re good of course) and tack on the other 2 stars purely based on my enjoyment and experience while reading. Does that make sense?


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