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Binge Reading a Genre/Trope


Hey fellow bookworms! How are you doing today? Apparently I’m on a chatty mood this week because I have another discussion for you. I have talked about my reading habits a few times here on the blog … Funny posts, get to know me post, unusual posts… a bit of everything really (check them out if you haven’t) 

And one such reading habit that I have is binge reading a genre… kind of like when you want to devoured an author’s backlist after loving one of their books… but instead it’s a particular topic or trope I seem to be stuck into… and can’t for the love of God ignore or quit… I need Help…


It’s funny, If you look at may Goodreads Reading challenge you can easily see the patterns… and it’s easy to spot which genre or trope I’m stuck in, at a particular moment in time… which is kind of stalkery and creepy, to be honest but let’s ignore that for a while… 

In 2019, I was all about the bully romance, I spent a few months looking for and reading a lot of books with this trope/genre … 2020 was more eclectic but at the end of it I was reading bl manga like crazy.. As for 2021, well guys I’m in a MM Fantasy kick and can’t get out of it… in fact out of the 88 books I have read this year 33 are MM Romances and most are Fantasy ones.. binge reading at its finest, right?


But what really prompted me to talk about this quirky habit of mine it’s how effective or damaging it can be to my reading experience. (We are our own worst enemies guys…) It’s true that sometimes I come across a book that I like that has everything I’m looking for, and after reading I feel like.. “why not try something similar? it might be just as good”… but in the end it’s just Wishful thinking…or isn’t it?

There’s always the really bad books, the ones that feel to much like the one I just read (not in a good way), or those that are just borderline atrocious.. But there’s also those that are good, sometimes even better than the one that started this crazy train of binge reading..

However the sad outcome, and it’s an inescapable one from all this genre obsession it’s a reading burnout… I end up reading so much about a single topic that after a while I just don’t want to read about that anymore in a long while… So, putting myself throught that.. is it really worth it?


I’m going on a crazy limb here and say that it is, for a couple of reasons… reading so much about a genre gives me an insight into it that helps me with my book recommendations, and other similar posts… And it also makes my bookish heart truly ecstatic when I find reading treasures like:

25048993    55940345._SY475_

  • Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat (I was so late to this hyped train)
  • The Prince Assassin series by Ariana Nash

Even with all the unremarkable ones that get in the way… so very worth it…


What about you guys? Do you get sucked into a genre or a trope just like I do? Let me know in the comments below

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As Always

Happy Reading


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