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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Night of The Immortals by Mary-Jean Harris

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Hello fellow bookworms, I have a requested review for you guys today… and it might be a controversial one… Not for any topic of the book this time… it’s more because it is the type of review I talked about on my post “It’s not You It’s Me”.

Night of the Immortals by Mary-Jean Harris



I was debating with myself if I should post this review or not… but it feels like a diservice not to… It’s a good story after all and it should get commented, promoted, reviewed, and talked about.

There’s adventure, looking for and protecting magical artifacts, saving lives in the nick of time… well developped characters, good relationships, nice pacing pacing of the story (even if at times it feels like there’s a lot going on) all in all an enjoyable and easy read.

I do have to point out that the synopsis doesn’t do it justice.. I was confused after reading it and a bit hesitant but once I dove in it went perfectly except…

For the “controversial” part of the review… I was feeling quite stressed while I was reading this book (personal reasons) and I fail miserably to connect with the story.. which hampered my enjoyment of it. It was me and not the book who failed this time around.. I will be doing a re read once some time passes, that way I know I will appreciate better how good the story is.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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