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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Absolution by Rachelle Storm

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Hello Everyone, I was asked to write another review for recent new release, and you know how much I enjoy helping out with promoting good books… so, here we are again…

Absolution by Rachelle Storm


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You know when you sometimes read a synopsis of a book and you get an idea in your head of How The story Is going to go?… Well, This one blew away, It was truly surprising..

First we have elementals (of sorts) and that’s one of my favorite kind of magics ever (Huge Avatar the Last Airbender fan here) and then we have a fast paced, easy to read, almost like a movie like feel to the story.. It was so effortless to imagine what was going on, and what every character looked like..

There was action, humour, and even enough romance to suit my little fluffy heart.. I read it so fast (once I got started) and I’m now finding myself waiting for the next book…

Don’t miss out if you are looking to clock out of the world for a while and just have some fun..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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