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Reading Books Past their Hype Date.. Captive Prince Trilogy by C.S. Pacat


If 2021 has been good for one thing when it comes to my reading (God knows it has been hard on everything else) it has been on the fact that I have broken free of the shackles of hyped up books..

I’m quite sure that I haven’t touched more than one hyped book in all these months, and the one that I did got wasn’t that great either (to my greatest dismay since it was one of my favorite authors) but in the end it was one more reason to put the hype down..

tenor (1)

And I know what you might say, nobody’s forcing you to read hyped up books… and you will be completely right. However, after you finish feeling smug about calling me out… just answer me one question… haven’t you ever (not even once) been sucked into the hype train? If you say no, well you’re a liar, liar pants on fire… It’s almost inescapable… Once you see a book that everyone is talking about.. EVERYWHERE… you’ll get intrigued and even in spite of your better judgement you’ll pick it up.. it’s a fact.

And the sadest part is that all that hype will have built up such huge expectations that you’ll most likely be left dissapointed…

However, now that I’m free… I don’t expect anything but to be entertained.. and even if I do remember all the love ( or hate ) some of these books got… I can get a more objective perspective (as much as any reader can)… So, join me into my foray of books past their hype…

Captive Prince Trilogy By C.S. Pacat


  • Captive Prince
  • Prince’s Gambit
  • Kings Rising
Trilogy Overall Rating

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

I remember that back in 2016 or 2017 this trilogy was a Romance reader favorite, if you were into Dark romance or MM romance it was an unavoidable recommendation… But it also got its fair share of hate. It was bad writing, to cliché, etc..

I certainly took my time.. It’s way past its hype now (it’s still a staple on some recommendations but more moderately so). I liked the trilogy well enough, the writing style is easy to follow (which I look for from time to time) The plot is an interesting power play between our main characters while their relationship is developing… and I found myself invested in what they were planning to do to meet their goals… both wanted to stay alive and regain their rights to each of their thrones.

I did find that the first book was a bit lacking, It was just torture for the sake of torture and in my opinion this could have easily been a duology instead of a trilogy and be more concise and poignant. 

I liked the steam and the chemistry between Laurent and Damianos.. Once you get into the book you can easily guess the reason behind Laurent’s attitude towards sex.. at least I could, and how Damianos treated him was so unbelievably sweet and caring (even after all the abuse he had to suffer at the hands of Laurent himself)

I wish we could have gotten more of an insight into Laurent’s character… he was supposed to be this cunning manipulator but I felt like I was more told about that than actually shown.. It would have been interesting to be a part of his thought process a bit more.

I like the battles, the planning, the sex… all in all i enjoyed reading these books even with all the little problems I found in them… The ending was  bit abrupt in my opinion… I know there’s a novella that it’s some sort of epilogue but I have yet to read it.

I think that if I had read these books back when they were all the rage I would have been a bit more harsh in my judgement and I wouldn’t have let myself just have fun reading them.. As it is.. I found new books to like…

Now I need your help fellow readers…

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As Always

Happy Reading


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