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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Dragon’s Bride by Chritis Christie and Elle Beaumont

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Hey guys, I have for you today an adventure… If you do decide to give it a try.. I’m amazed by how much I’m actually enjoying so many of this requested reviews … plus I get to be more diverse in my reading but that’s not the case here, I’m kind of going back to my romance roots…

The Dragon’s Bride by Chritis Christie and Elle Beaumont


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It’s hard to write a story that’s why so many of us just sit back and relax enjoying someone else’s work. That’s why Just the thought of having two people working together and complementing each other in such a way that this kind of story comes to life it’s amazing to me… These two authors did that in spades.

I love books about dragons… in case you didn’t know that about me already, and if they have slow burn romance, witty banter, some snark and epic fantasy … well I’m sold.
This book had all that and more, it reads so fast once you do have time to sit down with it .. because if you have other chores they will be forgotten..
I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between our main protagonists and how that relationship is developped, and I don’t often say this but I wish that this was a series because it’s a world I would love to get back to.

I don’t want to get too into it because as I always say some books are better experienced, so I apologize if the review tends to be on the vague but trust me if you are a fan of Grace Draven or Uprooted you will love this book..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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