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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Way of The Argosi by Sebastien de Castell

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Hey guys, I’m still getting caught up on my requested reviews and I have one that it’s a kind of half of my usual brand of reading, half not.. But still a very good story .. So let’s cut the rambling intro short and get to the bookish goodie…

Way of the Argosi by Sebastien de Castell


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This is my first book by Sebastien de Castell and I can honestly say that it won’t be my last.. I really enjoyed his writing style, how he plotted the story making it engaging and unpredictable.. How you feel both part of what’s going on but also as if you are being told a tale from the narrator… It’s truly impressive. I was having fun reading this book from start to finish.

And it was surprising to find out that this is a prequel for the main series… Maybe I had so much fun becasue I just started right at the begining of the journey. There’s this mentor/trainee relationship that I loved… between Ferius (our main lead) and Durral… it feels so organic, she’s a hothead that has a hard time with his teaching but slowly grown into the Argosi way.. it’s natural and realistic.

The imagery is on point and thorougly cinematic (in a way) It was so easy to picture the world and everything that’s going on..

I will be checking out the sequel once it’s released and the rest of the series as well.. i’m very intrigued to read about Ferius as the mentor after getting to know her origin story..

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As Always

Happy Reading


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