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The Thrill of Reading… Romance


Hey guys! For us bookworms reading is a sublime experience, we live for the opportunity to scape from the mundane for a while and become someone else, travel to the unknown, get our hearts broken and put together again, Fight against impossible odds and come out victorious..


You know what I’m talking about, right? But what is it about specifically from each genre that gives us that thrill (or at least to this little bookworm) I wanted to dig deeper on the emotions I get when I pick a specific genre to read..

This time around it’s going to be Romance… I’m sure there’s no surprise there since it’s at the core of most of my reading… if you haven’t noticed that. What is it about Romance that makes it exciting for me to read time and time again?


I can tell you that regardless of what you might think it’s not the sexy times…LOL.. Although I don’t mind those at all, many are quite titillating to say the least — but even that can get tiresome.

What I look for, what keeps me addicted it’s the emotional load present on these books. I think this easily explains my usual craving for the darker side of romance. There’s always more depth on the emotions, more intensity, it’s easier to feel that flutter in your stomach (you know?)… To literally feel as your heart is breaking…


And yet there’s also that lighter side that works as a balm on the senses. that sweetness, fun times fluff that perfectly recharges you after reading and leaves you with a smile on your face.

There’s nothing quite like it. Even when you get frustrated with a character due to some silly decision they made regarding their relationship (miscommunication hell mostly) It’s cathartic in a way…ranting at the screen of your e-reader or at the pages of your book.

So, basically the opportunity to delight myself experiencing the extremes of the emotional spectrum… from the sweet fluff of first love to the tortured heartbreak of an impossible relationship… That’s the thrill of reading Romance for this little bookworm


How about you guys? What’s the thrill of reading romance for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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