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Reading Books Past their Hype.. Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston


Hey Guys! How’s this spooky month treating you so far? .. I’m thrilled because I started #Tropeathon really strongly and I was looking forward to it… Plus, This time of year always makes me happy despite all my everyday problems.. 

One of the books I was looking forward to fitting into my TBR was Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston because I could write this kind of post about it… and it works perfectly.

This book came out on 2019 and it was literally everywhere… everyone loved it and as it usually happens I was curious about reading it but then there was another and another, and it got lost in the sea of books I want to read…

Two years later, and I have finally immersed myself in the politics and romance of this story… There’s no hype anymore (just a mild recollection of it) and no expectations beyond having a fun read to take down one of my bingo board tropes..

Red White and Royal blue by Casey McQuiston


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Was this book worth the hype it had when it came out?

I tend to think it was.. it’s not without problems and I do have doubts about how it would stand the test of time (more than two years I mean) It’s kind of specific with dates and events so.. we’ll see about that.

And it also has a lot of politics intertwined into the story — I might say that it was a bit much at times — If you’re not interested in American Politics it’s going to bored you to death from time to time, and you might even find yourself skipping chunks of it.. which is not great.

Bu then we get to the relationships, and I just don’t mean our main couple (Alex and Henry) who are the cutest thing… I adored them together, they were funny, sweet, supportive … I mean all the relationship dynamics, the friendship, the family, all of them were so heartfelt and complex… so believable..

This was a refreshing read for me .. even when dealing with so much of the workings of American Politics… It was hype worthy even after two years..


What do you guys think? Will this story hold after a longer period? Did you like it when it came out? Let me know in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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