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Tropeathon reads and Reviews – Week One


I know I’m a bit late to be calling this “week one of Tropeathon” but bear with me… life is a wonderful and sucky thing sometimes… Anyway, let’s pretend that it’s not really the middle of week two (imagination people, let’s work it)..


I have always though of myself as a fast reader, which is why I enjoy participating on readathons.. I can always cram as many books as I can, and make progress on my ever-growing TBR… Sadly, that’s not how it works anymore… I’m certainly reading slower than I used to..


But I’m still happy with how Tropeathon is going for me… I haven’t made a line on any direction yet, not even the four corners.. and I threw my TBR out the window which I knew was going to happen (do you not know me?) But I have read some fun, new to me authors and I have also found a couple of cute manhwas than I’m obsessed with… This is how my Bingo Board looks like so far…


So, Let’s get into the mini reviews/ranting of the books I have read for Tropeathon..


Silent Lover

“Opposites Attract”

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

My first pick was a Manhwa called Silent Lover, It originally was going to cover my Royalty Trope but it ended up being a check for Opposites Attract… And boy, are they Opposites… It’s a BL Manhwa that tells us the story of a king that gets “tricked” (this was hilarious in the beginning) into marrying a “princess” (it’s a guy in disguise, a mute slave). Their relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions, you go from sweetness to rage in ten seconds flat but still want them together… There’s manipulation, political intrigue, war… and slightly steamy scenes (nothing too heavy).. I’m certainly hooked with how much the story changes with each arc and I just want more..


Red, White and Royal Blue

“Forced Proximity”

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

I have a whole separate review on this one here, so I’m just going to say if you still haven’t read this go do that right after finishing my rambling…


This Contract Romance must not Turn Real

“Fake Dating”

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 46 p.m.

This is another Manhwa that is hilariously similar to 50 shades of grey minus the BDSM… and with a gender swap and better characters… It’s a hilarious, sweet, slow burn romance that will make you feel lighter after reading.


Goodbye Paradise

“Friends to Lovers”

Foto 7-9-20 6 52 00 p.m.

My first disappointment.. I had high expectations with this book and sadly it didn’t deliver. It was an okay read but a bit shallow. It touches so many deep subjects but it falls short in my opinion.. Plus the romance was not that great for me…


Listen attentively

“Time Travel”

Foto 7-9-20 6 52 00 p.m.

I read 30 chapters of this manhwa and I don’t want to read anymore, It’s not bad in terms of story, the art is beautiful but I found the main character annoying… and a little too dramatic..


Lore and Lust

“Supernatural Beings”

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

This was a new to me author that I found quite by accident and I adore this book… It’s a MM romance with Vampires as main characters.. The lore was so intriguing and unique to me. Their relationship is great, it’s a slow burn friends to lovers just the way I like them with a steady progression. The only downside it’s that there’s not much action in the story.. there’s a slight mystery but it feels as an afterthought at times.



“Dark secret”

Foto 7-9-20 6 52 00 p.m.

God! I hated this book. I wanted to like it because I have enjoyed Jay clean’s book in the past but this one was angst for the sake of angst.. there was just too much of it, all the characters had some kind of issue that overtook their lives… there was miscommunication, insta love, and annoying dramatics… Not a fan..


Shield and Sorrow


Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

My new favorite book, there’s romance, intrigue, political conspiracy, fun journey like travel, great characters…all in a medieval fantasy setting where magic isn’t supposed to exist..


These are the books I have read so far, If you are participating with Misty and myself on tropeathon let me know about your progress in the comments or using #tropeathon on social media.. I would love to know how everyone’s doing….

If you want to help me keep on creating content and making you at least smile a bit with my quirky posts and ranty opinions just  visit my Ko-fi page or and support my work..

As Always

Happy Reading


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