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“Find Yourself in the Page” – Waht does it Mean?


Hey bookworms, How’s your reading going? I took a break on slighty “controversial” discussions because I’m just having fun with my readathon and I just needed a break from the extremely unreasonable complains we get everywhere about everything…


And let me be clear (because I have to) I’m not saying we shouldn’t complain or criticize what surrounds us ; that’s how we changes and improvements are achieved.. however ridiculous nitpicking doesn’t help..

And that’s what we see on Social Media lately… which brings me to the topic of this discussion… I’m sure all of you guys are familiar with the statement on the title.. “find yourself in the page”. I have used this expression from time to time when reviewing books.. But what does it truly mean?

It deals with representation, connection, and relatability. It’s how an author manages to establish a link between us and his/her characters and story.

It can be as simple as an in your face tactic; using a racial, religious, or cultural representation or as subtle as an emotional, or situational link.. It’s a very satisfying experience for the readers to make that connection… we live the events as deeply as the characters do… enriching our reading endeavour.


All this sounds amazing doesn’t it? Sadly,today we seem to be stuck on a surface level.. (and I get it to a point)…but It seems that we need everything to be so cut and dried, so perfectly molded than we hardly have to imagine anything. If a character doesn’t look like me (race, sexual orientation, beliefs..etc), then I cannot relate to it… because it’s so hard to relate..


What?.. I have read The Petit Prince a thousand times and I always get something out of it… and I’m certainly not a space travelling child.. But I can relate to his emotions, his loneliness, his need for afection, and how that shaped his relationships..

If I were to adhere to that insane idea that I need to be exactly portrayed on the page to enjoy my reading, I wouldn’t read at all; First I would need to be very specific because even if I am from Latin America (and there are quite a few books out there with that kind of cultural representation) Every country has its different quirks and some are very different from others.. So that’s a no… (no true rep here) I still haven’t read a fantasy based book on Venezuelan culture.

And second, I’m a “controversial” reader.. I like to read themes that are on the dark side of the spectrum but that doesn’t mean that I’m a sociopath, (or perhaps it does… well, at least I’m a functional one)

It’s sad to think that we cannot be able to experience different life styles, adventures, emotional journeys, growth, just because of this craving for what some think should be politically correct.. 


In my case, I know I can find myself on the pages of Lord of the Rings, just as easily as I can on Take a Hint, Danny Brown… even if I’m not a POC, nor a Hobbit… And hopefully will continue to enrich my experience with so many different Point of views, and perspectives.. regardless of if they look like me or not.. 


What do you guys think? Can you relate to a character or a story even without being exactly like them? Let me know in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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