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I Just Want The Next Book – Pretty Please!


Hey bookworms, we have finally gotten here, to this whining moment… where we cursed  the heavens for the next instalment in a series that you have no clue when it will be released but you know you need it in your life… You know what I mean, despite my dramatics don’t you?


The sequel for an Arc that I reviewed at the beginning of the year is about to be released (Nov, 1st,) and I’m pretty excited because I loved the first book.. It’s called, Burning Bright the second book in The Rise and Fall of Dani Truehart  series by Michele Kwasniewski.. just FYI… Check it out, it’s a truly fun read.

Most times I start a series and when I catch up, it becomes a waiting game.. which has two likely results; One, I completely forget about the upcoming books until release day and then I fall into the should I pick it up again or not conundrum… Two, There’s something about the books that I can’t forget and I’m hanging by a thread waiting for any information (which is brutal for a little bookworm’s heart)

So, Here’s a tiny snippet of a list (yep, lists are my thing) about those next instalments that I have no idea when they will be released (due to being postponed or the author working on something else entirely) but I desperately want to read…


Shield and Sorrow by J. E. Ridge

This is a bit of a stretch because I just finished this book and it’s a fairly recent release..But at the end, we get the info that there will be a sequel and I just want to know what will happen to my babies… I knew it couldn’t end like that…


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Mangas are hard to track for me, and I also have to wait for the translation, which makes things slightly more complicated (I should learn Japanese…) But in this manga’s case I have tried to keep me posted on when the next volume is coming out… however I still have no clue. And it kills me, because it’s supposed to be the ending!! If any of you guys know anything about this manga let me know.. please!!!


Prince of Blades by Kay Thatcher

This is an unusual case, because I didn’t exactly loved the book, but I’m still intrigued with the ending enough to want to continue… Freaking Cliffhangers… they are a trap!! So far no news.. just waiting and waiting..


The Origin series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

OMG!! This series is freaking me out with all the waiting… Jennifer L. Armentrout has been writing a lot.. and I mean a lot… popping new series here and there but nothing about this particular one… And that annoying cliffhanger!!! Did I mention that I hate them? I need the next book!!! Or at least a hint of when it might be coming out…


Reign by Cora Carmack

This is a delicate case, because not only this third and final instalment has been delayed until who knows when but the second book also took a lot of time coming out… I heard that it’s due to the author being ill (which sucks) So, it has hurt my enjoyment of the overall series… It’s hard to get invested when there’s a huge gap between releases.. However, I still want to know what happens in this world.


These are just 5 of a long list of books that I need ASAP… what about you guys? Which sequels are you dying to get your hands on even after so long of a wait? Let me know all about it in the comments and if you have a scoop on any of the books I mentioned let me know as well.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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