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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Burning Bright by Michele Kwasniewski

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I think I have never posted this many Reviews at once… and for some reason I find it productively hilarious… I guess my coffee IV is working wonders… Kidding aside, I was a bit behind on many requested reviews and this is what happens.

On the upside they have been amazing reads and this .. I just knew it wouldn’t let me down since the first book was so very good..

Burning Bright by Michele Kwasniewski



I was so glad to be contacted again to review this sequel because I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book in the series..

And I might be biased but I loved this one as well.

Little known fact about this little blogger, when I was a teenager, I dreamt of being a Rock star (like so many kids do.. I’m sure) Years later I get to live that dream vicariously through books which it explains my on and off fascination with Rock Star romances and music related books (I can’t sing to save my life, so this is safer for everyone)

This story allows you to do just that, it’s so realistic, the fame, the spotlight, the adoration, the glamour and all that being a major hit pop star is like… but it also shows the sacrifices, the hard work, the tiring hours, the juggling of your true self and the persona that everyone knows, the fanatical following, the excesses..

It’s all there.. and you’ll travel that world along with Dany… who has to deal with not only her work related problems but also with her relationship with a mother that can hardly be called that.. I truly despise that woman in book one but guys she goes to a whole new level here… no Spoilers but it’s horrible.

I felt bad for her (Dany) and yet I didn’t. It was  weird feeling, but once you see how fame has tainted her…She made me so mad, and yet I could understand her.. She’s just a kid. and when you are loved by everyone and you feel like the world is at your fingertips… you can’t do no wrong.. it’s pervasive.. and it can twist you up. Power corrupts and fame is power over many..

The whole supportive cast (Martin, Dani’s true friends, Sean) they were perfect to me.. they had to put up with a lot of crap from Dani this time around and they still managed to support her and try to keep her from destroying her true self… For what it was worth.

She needs reality to smack her in the face and I’m certain it will happen on the third book and it won’t be pretty..

There was a huge cliffhanger at the end of this book that will drive you bonkers.. it did to me but now I’ll have to patiently stalk the author until the next book comes out..

This book will be released on November 1st, so give it a chance if you enjoy true depictions of what a pop star’s life can be like… along with great characters and a fast moving plot.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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