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Tropeathon Wrap Up – Reads and Reviews


Hey everybody! Tropeathon is done.. I’m so happy with all the participation Misty (Misty’s book space) and I got. Thank you all for joining us on this crazy tropish adventure and I hope you had fun reading as much as we did putting everything together.


As usual I started strong, reading a lot and then I lost a bit of steam. I didn’t even posted my last two updates because I didn’t read that much..and I had a few things going on that kept me from reading.. So, I’m doing my general wrap up today (with some mini reviews of the my last reads)

I’m satisfied with how my overall reading went this month (Not Only for Tropeathon but with Arcs and requested reviews) I enjoyed most of what I read — Minus a few sucky DNF’s but let’s get into the thick of things..

Total Books read: 16


Burning Bright by Michele Kwasniewski


Trope: Music Star


I didn’t used my Arcs on the readathon, except for this beauty right here… It was just too perfect a fit for the trope I wanted. I’m not gushing about it more than I already did here.. Just letting you guys know that if you want a fun and very real take on how a pop star life is like .. check it out

Pink Heart Jam (Manga)


Trope. One Night Stand

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

I love Manga, especially when they make you feel the characters more than the actions taking place… and this one fit the bill perfectly. It’s a bit of a stretch on the One night Stand trope because they don’t really have sex on the first night but there’s heavy foreplay anyway.. And what got me hooked was how the relationship started from there.. a random hook up that just grew slowly into more without even our guys noticing it..

Feel my Pain by K. A. Merikan


Trope: Tortured Hero

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 46 p.m.

This was an unusual premise.. there’s not just one tortured hero but two… They both had awfully hardcore lives being part of MC clubs and all that entails (blood and violence) And suddenly they just get attached in the strangest way.. They can feel each other’s pain but not lightly they actually can be hurt in place of the other person.. Sounds interesting? It is.. There’s mystery, hot steamy romance, angst and even some action..

Saint by Sierra Simone


Trope: Forbidden and Second Chance

Foto 7-9-20 6 51 32 p.m.

As with any book (at least the ones I have read) from Sierra Simone this one is full of steamy rip you hair out kind of angst. This is a relationship between former friends.. and one of then is now a monk … Need I really say more than that…


These were my reads for the last part of Tropeathon… I managed to get 3 lines on the bingo board, two reads for the bonus rounds and fail miserably on the group read… But I’m still extremely happy with how it all went and I’m looking forward to our next round…

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As Always

Happy Reading


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