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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The LiT Series by Maxwell F. Hurley

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Hello guys I’m back with an unusual kind of review when it comes to how I like to handle my Requested reviews… I’m not reviewing just one book but an entire series (3 Books at once) … Why? Because it was that good, I just need it to know how things would turn out for our main characters… Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Lit: Part 1, 2 and 3 by Maxwell F Hurley
  • The Dark Ignites
  • Falling Lite
  • Pure Heart

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It’s a common tale.. the fight between Good and Evil, Dark Vs Light. however depending on how it is told it can feel refreshing, intriguing, addicting even.. that’s the case with this series.

We have so many twists and turns, so many breadcrumbs along the way that will point you to a great conclusion… even if they can be misleading as well.. which keeps things interesting for us readers… Who doesn’t love to be tricked from time to time (just when you think it will go one way it turns out you were wrong)

And then we have an amazingly realistic set of characters, who start out in high school… and guys this was like a trip down memory lane.. you instantly connect with them.. they are so real, not the greatest heroes but flawed kids that grow up along the way while facing their failures and successes against the dark.

We get to see their progression as characters as time passes on the series.. it doesn’t get stagnant on one point but it evolves.. not just the story but the characters as well.. I loved that.

There’s always this foreboding dark surrounding the story particularly on the last instalment — it’s like being trapped with no way out — but it works.. When faced with impossible odds (real or imagined) we feel that way.

I really enjoyed this series and how it was presented throughout its 3 books, I think it manages to keep things interesting while giving us a decent conclusion which is a difficult task.

If you enjoy fantasy and thriller.. these books will deliver the right amount of both.. give them a try.

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