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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Witchfinder by J. Todd Kingrea

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Hello everyone! this has been my lucky year when it comes to reviewing Arcs… It’s not that I’ve gotten one I’m dying to read or anything like that.. It’s that I found so many hidden gems on the ones I have been kindly asked to review that It makes me happy to spread the word on how awesome they are — Case in point the one I’m gushing about today..

The Witchfinder by J. Todd Kingrea



If you are a fan of The Witcher series you are going to like this world.. It has that epic vibe to a “T”, even if it is more on the post apocalyptic side. But that’s not all, the plot is so engrossing and it correlates with so many of the circumstances we are living today (the importance of free will and autonomy of thought regardless of your beliefs) that it truly blew me away.

This is the story of Malachi Thorne (isn’t that the coolest name?) a servant of The Church and Wow! his character development is one of my favorite things about the book (and I have many) How he needs to question himself and what he believes when faced with hidden truths about the church he serves it’s so relatable and impactful..It all has a deeper meaning.. He’s also a “normal” type character not a chosen one or an overpowered hero which I found so refreshing; it was so easy to connect with him..

I didn’t like that much how quickly the relationships between the characters were stablished.. it felt a little like an afterthought not quite a progression but once they were set in motion we get a steady flow that made me overlook this…

This story has action (full action packed scenes so very well written that are so easy to get sucked into) Romance (minus the detail I mentioned earlier) and it has enough suspense throughout that will keep you guessing and looking forward to reading more…


was delighted to read this book, it made it so easy to lose myself in the story and simply enjoy the ride.. and I urge you to do the same..

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