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Arcs and Requested Reviews – The Wayfarer by Zachary Kekac

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Hey bookwrorms, I have for you guys another requested review.. and I have to say these are getting better and better.. I’m always happy to help out new authors but I can’t hel to be a bit hesitant sometimes when I receive review requests, because it’s hard to judge someone else’s work.. and reading it’s so subjective.. But I’m happy that I have gotten lucky and lately I’m loving what I’m reading… and this is no exception.

The Wayfarer by Zachary Kekac


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First and foremost let’s be shallow and talk about this lovely cover art, it goes so well with what you will find once you dive into the pages of this book..

This story is for the kind of reader who loves to get lost in a fantasy world. And when I say lost I mean it literally, there’s so much richness to the description of the landscapes, places, even languages that it will make you feel like a tourist in an excursion.. such rich imagery and cinematic detail on every page.. it’s amazing.

The writing style is poetic which balances out perfectly with how everything is presented to us while we go on a journey through the eyes of our main protagonist, if you are a more straightforward kind of reader this might put you off a bit.. but it clicks so well once you do get immerse on this world.

I do have to say that I regret that the actual plot takes a bit of a backseat sometimes because when it’s moving along it’s truly gripping, filled with humour, and bits of darkness.. and much food for thought.

If you are a fan of Tolkien’s writing style I’m certain that you will enjoy this story.. Don’t miss out.


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