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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Hotel Fen by Marie Sinadjan and Meri Benson

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Hello Fellow Bookworms, I have for you guys today an unusual kind of read for this time of year… I know many look for fluff or adventure this near Christmas but this book needs to be on the spotlight.. Let’s cut the intro short and get to reviewing..

Hotel Fen by Maria Sinadjan and Meri Benson


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Are you a fan of creepy Hotels that are not what they seem? Of Mythology perfectly intertwined with present life? and Characters that will intrigue the heck out of you?

Then this is the perfect read for you, It’s a story that manages to mesh up Norse mythology with current daily life… and it does it so well. adding bits of reincarnation along the way. I confess to be a little biased because  I adore reading about deities that are humanized and not all mighty powerful all the time… Norse mythos are so rich on their own…and this books blends everything so well.

The descriptive narrative works great to create an intriguing and creepy as hell atmosphere in the Hotel… that when mixed with the pacing of the story will keep you hooked and trying to guess which is friend or foe and what is really going on because nothing is what it seems.. It’s a hell of a ride.

The characters are fun, interesting and relatable… And to my utter delight there’s a star-crossed lovers romance that just feels like the cherry on great reading cake..

As a fan of Urban fantasy I would recommend this book to anyone that loves the genre and isn’t afraid of a bit of horror to spice it up.. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.


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