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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Love Hates Us All By Lawrence Savage

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Hello fellow Bookworms! I hope you guys had a great Christmas.. I have been a little absent because it’s been a hectic time of year (it usually is but as you know I’m also caring for my Mom which makes it a little bit harder)

But…tiredness aside I’m happy to be sending off 2021 with a Review (showcasing new authors and their work makes me happy, as you know).. and I believe this particular book is very appropiate for self reflection (very common for this time of year), at least in my humble opinion… So let’s get to reviewing..

Love Hates Us All by Lawrence Savage


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If you have followed my blog you know by now that I’m a Romance lover, It Is My comfort Genre. I look for it unadultered and as part of other genres.. I get a kick of the feelings I get when a story manages To strike a nerve… just staright up hits you in the feels kind of situation..

This particular story did just that. However, this isn’t a romance At all.

It Is a book about Love, about How To find It? What It Is? Does It exists? Is everyone entitled to experience it? It’s a raw and gritty study about Love and What It does To Us (Or more To our main character But We Feel a kinship To his quest, it’s unavoidable)

I enjoyed reflecting about How our backgrounds, our upbringings, our mental health, every minor hiccup in our lives can decide The kind of Love we’ll find, Or Even If we’ll find It At all.. It was heart wrenching… His journey and our own alongside him.

Remember my hit you in the feels comments? This one pack one hell of a punch..

The writing was perfect for this story, It’s poetic and romantic… Adding a cherry of emotion To an already gut punching storyline.. and also adding an old school sort of elegance to the overall work.

It will make you reflect on your Past relationships, and on The type of Love that you have encountered and why… It did For me at least.

There are some minor hiccups, but nothing too major that detracts from the core of the story..

Don’t miss out on a great in depth work about love… I hope you’ll give it a try..

Happy 2022 Everyone!

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